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Commercial Burger Press

Commercial Burger Press For Perfect Patties

The scent of a hot grill fills the air as you host a weekend barbecue, friends anticipating their meal. Visualize how effortlessly you make your artisanal burgers compact with burger crusher, each formed and packed with flavor, using the VEVOR hamburger patty press. This secret weapon of smash burgers opens a door into a whole new standard of culinary performance in a world where fast food meets culinary artistry.

The VEVOR Commercial hamburger Press is more than just a kitchen gadget; it is a revolution in fast food preparation equipment. This powerhouse is precision-engineered for cooks and chefs at home, for it turns into an art, the mundane job of making smash burgers. Welcome to the VEVOR experience!

Burger Presses We Deliver

Let your creativity sizzle! Use the tools we deliver to make your kitchen become a haven where you can make personalized and perfect burgers.

Hydraulic Commercial hamburger Press

Think of it like a hug of heavy-duty hydraulics to your ground meat. A hydraulic press is used to mold large volumes of the meat into uniform patties. Simply put the meat in and close the lid; hydraulics will do the pressing.

Suitable for mass production, uniform patty size, and reduced labor costs.

Pneumatic Commercial Burger Press

Picture air power at its tastiest. Pneumatic presses use compressed air to pressure the meat being formed into specific patties. This is like an airbrush of cooking for your burgers.

Conducive to fast and efficient preparation in busy kitchens. Pneumatic power guarantees high quality and little effort.

Automatic Commercial Burger Press

This one is like having a burger-making robot in your team. Put ground meat, set the parameters, and watch the patty maker machine form perfect patties. It's almost like magic for your kitchen.

It helps streamline the burger-making process, minimizes labor costs, and ensures patties production consistency.

Dual-Action Commercial Burger Press

This press is versatile. It can cook two different sizes or kinds of patties, making your burger menu more varied. It is a burger-formation dynamic duo.

Caters for different-sized patties that are ideal for establishments offering varied menus.

Keeping Commercial Burger Press In Top Shape

Note that the heart of any fast food restaurant or high-volume kitchen is an adequately maintained hamburger patty maker. Clean, straight, and joyful are what should give out those nice patties.

Regular Cleaning

Clean your hamburger patty press with warm, soapy water. Always be sure to get into all the cracks and corners. A soft brush becomes your best friend regarding those stubborn bits. Do not miss wiping the exterior — people don't want to handle dirty equipment.


Like humans, machines need a little touch of love. Provide oil, grease, or any other lubricant for sliding on moving parts. Ensure you have the correct type of lubricant by referring to the manufacturer's guidelines. It's your WD40 for the burger-making symphony.

Patty Paper Protocol

For a patty paper press, let it be carefully placed so the meat cannot get stuck. This is like a burger's parchment paper.

Alignment Affection

Check the alignment of your press. This creates misalignment, which results in uneven patties, which could be better. Use the manual's directions to set and align your patty maker machine.

Considerations To Make For Burger Press

You want to begin with the perfect press with the solid burger crusher to make the compact and ideal burger. Let us be your guide through the key considerations that make your hamburger patty press the most important ingredient to perfect culinary.

Durability Dynamo

Look for a heavy-duty, tank-like press. In terms of durability, stainless steel stands as a hero. It is not just a patty maker machine; it is your burger-flipping sidekick.

Speedy Gonzales Mode

After all, time equals money when it comes to this business. Pick a press that has a speed comparable to your kitchen's. A game changer can be an automatic or high-capacity press.

Safety Sentinel

Safety first! Make sure your press comes with pre-built safeties. These include safeguards against accidental pressing and finger guards to prevent them from being pressed accidentally.

Consistency Captain

Great press characterizes consistency. Patties should be made with uniform sizes and depths. Customers want absolute perfection, and your press has to meet it.

Top-Notch VEVOR Commercial Burger Presses

The top-quality VEVOR commercial hamburger presses are the epitome of perfection in innovation. Prepare to change your burger game as we introduce the press that changes the craft of burger making.

Double-mold Commercial Burger Press

It is made of quality-tested, high-grade PE material. The commercial patty maker is supplied with an oversized hopper of height 160mm. This patties maker can produce up to eight patties per loading. There is one 2-inch*6 mold and one 5.1-inch mold that can be interchangeable. Ergonomic handles make pressing out the patties and pulling out the mold is convenient.

6 Inch Stainless Steel Burger Press

This hamburger maker machine is designed to be ergonomic; just press the handle and let go—the patty is done. This commercial hamburger patty maker will enable you to make a patty that is 6 inches in diameter all the time. In addition, the thickness of the meat patty can be set at 0.98 in / 25 mm. Don't forget that the patty paper holder will make things easier for you while you are working.

5 Inch Stainless Steel hamburger patty maker

It is an industrial burger press made of aluminum alloy with a solid structure. This patties maker features a 5-inch diameter tray, a patty paper holder, and a handle. With a gentle push, it can make a perfect round patty from ground meat in a second. Our patty press guarantees us excellent-sized burgers that are consistent.

4 inch Stainless Steel Hamburger Press

The patty presser has an aluminum alloy base, and the food-grade stainless steel trays are sturdy and rust-resistant. Premium materials are easy to clean with water and simple to maintain. It contains patty paper sheets that fit in with the size of the forming tray. The refill provides 1000 patty paper sheets. The burger crusher of this commercial hamburger patty maker guarantees the consistency of each patty at 4 inches in diameter and 0.98 inches in thickness.

VEVOR Stands As a Top Choice. Why?

Why VEVOR should be in your view for your patties maker. VEVOR doesn't have one or two; we have the whole menu for the hamburger press. VEVOR covers the entire spectrum — from automatic wonders to manual classics. The hush quality is essential in the kitchen hustle. Our burger forming machine is easy to clean and maintain. VEVOR strives to make quality hamburger patty makers that are ready for some hotness. Durability and performance can be counted on during peak lunchtime hours.

Now, let's talk numbers. VEVOR provides you with premium quality products at an affordable price. Quality and affordability? Something there for you to bite in. VEVOR is not only about selling you a press but also about relationships. Next up is customer service. Our customer service is similar to having a speed-dial kitchen consultant. Got questions? We've got answers. Any hiccups? We've got solutions. Experience it yourself, and stop reading about it!

FAQs About Commercial Burger Press

Q1: What is the optimum hydraulic pressure range of a heavy-duty commercial hamburger patty maker?

A1: Heavy-duty presses have different optimal hydraulic pressure, but it is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 psi as it ensures efficient patty formation without compromising equipment durability.

Q2: How has HMI (Human-Machine Interface) technology improved the user experience on modern commercial hamburger presses?

A2: HMI technology provides for a simple interface. This enables easy control of press parameters, monitoring of process variables, and quick troubleshooting, simplifying the entire user experience.

Q3: What are the advantages of nitrogen-assisted hamburger presses regarding product quality and operational efficiency?

A3: Nitrogen-assisted burger forming machine provides the pressing area of nitrogen oxidation and ensures product freshness. The inert atmosphere used serves to inhibit any bacterial developments.