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Jewelry Making & Repair

  • Rock Tumbler

    Rock Tumbler

  • Propane Gas Forge

    Propane Gas Forge

  • Jewelry Polisher

    Jewelry Polisher

  • Melting Furnace

    Melting Furnace

  • Flex Shaft

    Flex Shaft

  • Jewelry Buffer Polisher

    Jewelry Buffer Polisher

  • Ball Vise

    Ball Vise

  • Rolling Mill

    Rolling Mill

  • Multi-Directional Microscope

    Multi-Directional Microscope

  • Jewelry Rock Saw

    Jewelry Rock Saw

  • Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes

    Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes

  • Ring Stretcher Reducer

    Ring Stretcher Reducer

  • Graphite Crucible

    Graphite Crucible

  • Gem Faceting Machine

    Gem Faceting Machine

  • Magnetic Tumbler Polisher

    Magnetic Tumbler Polisher

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Jewelry Making & Repair

Unleash Your Creativity with VEVOR's Top-Grade Jewelry Making Tools

Creativity has no limits, and having the correct tools may go a long way toward creating intricate, exquisite jewelry. Renowned manufacturer and supplier of crafts and manufacturing supplies, VEVOR has an amazing selection of high-quality jewelry-making tools to spark your imagination.

VEVOR's tools are made to inspire creativity and enable you to realize your artistic ambitions, regardless of your level of experience as a jeweler or where you are in your jewelry-making path. VEVOR's jewelry-making tools cover a broad range of applications, from sturdy equipment for large-scale manufacturing to precise tools for complex designs.

What Are The Tools Used In Jewelry Making

Creating jewelry is a fantastic way to exercise your creativity. Plus, you'll have something unique and stylish to wear. But first, you'll need to gather the necessary jewelry-making equipment. Having the wrong tools could lead to issues when you try to build your designs. Here are some jewelry-making tools you should have.

Flat Nose Pliers

They will assist you in accomplishing wire-wrapped ends, opening jump rings, and a host of additional chores you can't even begin to conceive. Think about getting two sets to hold anything without creating an opening in the metal. Make sure the area between the jaws of the pliers is smooth.

Flush Cutters

Making many wire cuts for all the different wire-wrapping methods you're discovering? Think about a flush cutter. They are used in the same manner as standard wire cutters, but they never, ever leave loose ends! However, be mindful of the wire size you're cutting because flush cutters are limited to a certain gauge.

Jeweler’s Saw

Use an electric jeweler's saw if the designs are quite modest and need a lot of tiny, precise cuts. Blades exist in various sizes and purposes, ranging from small blades that hardly separate the metallic material to powerful, thick blades that eliminate more metal. They provide you with the ability to define the work of a piece precisely.

End Cutting Nippers

This portable instrument is intended to cut through various materials, including cable, rods, bolts, and nails. To enable precise cuts on the ends of the materials, the end-cutting nippers feature a set of cutting blades on the tips of the jaws which are aligned with one another.


A standard ruler is the most fundamental piece of jewelry making equipment; you probably already own one. A graphing ruler is preferable because it makes things easier for you to visualize. After all, you will be able to see through it.

Safety Precautions and Tips for Using Jewelry-Making Tools

The most crucial factor to consider while establishing and running a home jewelry-making studio is a workstation or studio safety. Creating a secure space in your jewelry workshop doesn't have to be difficult, even though safety concerns should never be disregarded. Long-term prudence will keep you and the people you care about safe.

· Avoid wearing loose or long sleeves, long jewelry, and untied hair. Power tools can snag loose objects that are hanging.

· It is important to consider lung and eye protection when using power equipment. Put on a face mask and protective goggles to protect yourself from flying chemicals, sharp objects, and anything that could get in your eyes.

· When drilling, polishing, or sanding, put on a dust mask. Based on the kind of dust you're dealing with, choose what kind to wear. You should look for a lightweight mask that fits while making your purchase.

· Enough ventilation should be provided if you are finishing or sanding a lot. There are devices for collecting dust, but they are costly. Ventilation might not be the best strategy when eliminating all pollutants.

Tools Needed For Jewelry Repairs

Repairing jewelry can be very difficult. Several pieces of equipment can make tasks like altering beads or mending chains less frustrating and more enjoyable! Anyone can handle jewelry repair with the right equipment and much less time invested! Before starting your next jewelry endeavor, pick up these jewelry repair tools.

Heavy Duty Shears

It is essential to have a sturdy set of shears to repair jewelry. You will need to cut the jewelry piece to repair the bead formation. Look for a sturdy set of shears of stainless steel that can easily cut through tiny chains.

Eye Loupe

When it concerns jewelry repair, an eye loupe is essential for thoroughly examining minor details. The ideal choice is hands-free LED eye loupes since they let you use both hands to make repairs and get a closer look.

Bead Tubes

Bead tubes can be useful when you have hundreds of beads to track! Sort beads according to color, style, pattern, or any other criteria to get organized! Your time spent perusing beads will be halved! You can put the contents of a creation in mind in a bead tube and return to it later to finish or make adjustments.

Why Choose VEVOR Jewelry-Making Tools?

Since we are your creative allies, choose VEVOR for your jewelry-making needs. With every product, VEVOR creates excellence, providing accuracy, robustness, and innovation. Thanks to our dedication to quality, you can rely on your designs to look great and last.

We make the craft of jewelry making accessible to all skill levels with our extensive selection. We know that jewelry is more than just accessories—it's a tale, a part of your identity. Your ideas are the brushstrokes of your imagination, and VEVOR's jewelry making tools will help you shape them into wearable art.

FAQs About Jewelry-Making Tools

Do I need special training to use jewelry-making tools?

Although official training is beneficial, many jewelry makers learn on their own. Books, workshops, and online tutorials are all viable learning resources. Gaining proficiency with these instruments requires patience and practice.

What is the difference between a jeweler's saw and a piercing saw?

A piercing saw is a kind of saw that is frequently used in sheet metal jewelry production. It is sometimes referred to as a jeweler's saw. Because the saw is so delicate, it is typically utilized on softer metals. Like a coping saw, a piercing saw has a metal frame that ties the blade.

Where can I purchase high-quality jewelry-making tools?

VEVOR is a reputable brand that supplies customers with the jewelry-making tools you need as a jeweler.