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Swimming Pool Pump

Excellent Range Of Tested Swimming Pool Pump At VEVOR

If your swimming pool lacks a pool pump, it's like missing a heart in the body. Technically known as centrifugal pumps, these machines protect your pool from all filthy materials, making it a healthy and warm pool to swim in.

We at VEVOR serve you with a suitable type of pool machine, with additional features like remote control and a considerable flow rate. So why not boost up your home and commercial swimming pools with our latest technology swimming machine?

Types of a Swimming Pool Machine at VEVOR

Looking at what type of pool pump is best for your needs? We are here to guide you on the types to help you make a better decision with VEVOR.

Single-Speed Pool Pump

A single-speed pump works at its maximum speed all the time. This makes it cost you more power bills. However, if we talk about the price of the single-speed pool pump, this is one of the cheapest types you can get for yourself.


Cheaper to get

Easy to use

Perfect for small-scale usage 


Less effective 

Two-Speed Pool Pump

These pumps are designed with adjustable dual speeds for users to utilize the pump at a low or high speed. You can adjust the speed depending on the purpose of using a pump in your pool. A dual-speed pump is the perfect match for spas.


Adjustable on two variable speeds

More cost-effective as compared to a single-speed pump

More convenience of use


Many features are lacking at the low speed 

Variable Speed Pool Pump

As the name implies, these endless pool machines are workable at different speeds. Large-scale commercial users should prefer buying variable-speed pool pumps for better quality and energy saving.


Highly energy efficient

More speed adjustments

Doesn't produce high sound


Cost a high initial price

Things to Consider While Buying a Swimming Pool With Pump

Buyers who are new to the world of a swimming pool pump often get confused when making their first purchase. Yet, we have some essential factors for you to consider before buying the exact pool pump.

Pump Type

Not every pump type is designed for you. Some have a remote control application, while others offer a variable-speed pool pump. Select the appropriate ground pool pump that best describes your needs.

Flow Rate and Power

You can get different sizes and flow rates of the swimming pumps. It depends on whether you want a 1 HP or 2 HP pump with a high flow rate or if you need a pump with different specifications.


Check out if the pump you select is of a durable quality motor with very low noise and energy efficiency. These are some must-have features when you are buying a swimming pool machine.

Main Functions of a Swimming Pool Pump and Tips For Maintenance

pump is an efficient water-pushing and filtering swimming machine designed for home and commercial usage. With an appropriate flow rate and variable speed pump feature, they regulate the water keeping an equivalent amount of chemicals in it. VEVOR incorporates a remote-control feature for users to make it easy to use.

Routine inspection and pump basket cleaning are the crucial steps to keep your swimming pool machine durable and long-lasting. A proper pool water level should also be maintained especially when using an inground pool.

Top-Selling Swimming Pool Machine By VEVOR

Serving customers for years, VEVOR has never disappointed its customers with high-quality products. When looking for a variable speed pump or other pool supplies at VEVOR, you must be curious to know the best product. So here are the top-selling water pumps from VEVOR.

VEVOR Pool Pump Swimming Pool Pump 72V DC/1200W

Want to save money on your energy bills with an energy-efficient inground pool pump? Then try out a single-speed 1200W powerful DC motor pump with a large filter barrel. Prevent water leakage with its detailed design.

VEVOR Pool Pump, 1.5 HP 1100W In/Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Try this easy-to-install ground pool pump constructed with durable ABS material. The 1.5 HP motor gives a single speed with a stability feature. 

Swimming Pool Pump Water 750W 1HP Self Priming Filter Electric Spa

If you are looking for a premium self-priming swimming pool machine, this one should be your choice. You can use this inground pool pump for various applications like bathing pools, spas, and swimming pools.

VEVOR Pool Pump 2.0HP 230V, Variable Dual Speed Pumps

This pool filter pump is an amazingly energy-efficient 2 HP with a 92 GPM flow rate, giving you the perfect machine for your pool.

Choosing A Swimming Pool With Pump From VEVOR

Being one of the best providers of various pool supplies for endless pools already, VEVOR offers you top-class pool water pumps. Don't worry if you can't find out why you should choose from VEVOR, because we have some points for you.

Energy-efficient Designs

Keeping in mind the commercial buyer of a variable speed pump, VEVOR offers energy-efficient designs with DC motors. They are easy to install plus save on your energy bills.

Customer Service

Enjoy the best customer service with VEVOR. We request our customers to "please call when you are in trouble."

Quick Shipping

Customers who want a quick delivery can enjoy day shipping from us. Get your swimming machine within a day and keep your swimming pool and spa water fresh and clean.

FAQs about Swimming Pool Pump

Q1: Which pool pump is best for my swimming pool?

A1: Various ground pool pumps are available at VEVOR, depending on your pool size and priorities. Yet, VEVOR Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools offers an efficient water circulation system with 1100W power, making this pool water pump one of the best.

Q2: How much is a swimming pool machine?

A2: Get ready to pay between $400-$3000 to buy a swimming machine. Additionally, you’ll have to pay extra charges for installation, which depends on the company you are hiring.

Q3: Is a swimming pool pump AC or DC?

A3: You can find each type of pool pump. Considering the extensive power required by a pool filter pump, it is preferred to use an AC pump, even if you can buy a DC pump from the market. Yet, a DC pump will save your energy bills.