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Jack Stands

The Evolution Of Automotive Maintenance With VEVOR's Car Jack Stands

The advent of hydraulic jacks marked a significant leap forward in automotive maintenance, offering increased stability and ease of use compared to manual counterparts. These jacks provided a more robust lifting mechanism, enabling users to elevate vehicles with greater precision and safety. However, despite these advancements, certain limitations persisted, particularly concerning portability and versatility.

It is within this context of evolving needs and technological capabilities that emerged as a game-changer in automotive maintenance. Designed to complement hydraulic jacks and provide unparalleled support during vehicle servicing, VEVOR's Car Jack Stands represent a culmination of innovation and practicality.

Most Popular/Highest Rated Car Jack Stands on VEVOR

VEVOR has a consistent record of excellence, making it difficult to pick betters among our products. However, reviews from independent websites have helped us determine the reception of our products in the market so far. As such, we will discuss some of VEVOR’s car jack stands with almost perfect reviews.

VEVOR 6 Ton (13,000 lbs) Capacity Car Jack Stands

This two-lock jack stand has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, based on close to 200 reviews. It has an adjustable height range of 14.2 to 23 inches and a cargo capacity of 13,000, making it suitable for cars, trucks, SUVs, and ATVs.

VEVOR 3 Ton (6000 lbs) Capacity Car Jack Stands

This double-locking jack stand also has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, based on close to 200 reviews. It has an adjustable height from 10.8 to 16.3 inches and a of 6,000 lbs, making it suitable for most cars and even some SUVs.

Essential Accessories For Car Jack Stands

Car jacks require other accessories to enhance their functionality and prevent accidents. Some of these accessories are compulsory, while some are optional. No matter how optional, they all have a major function in the car jack stand’s performance.

Jack Pads or Rubber Blocks

Placing jack pads or rubber blocks between the jack stand and your vehicle’s frame or lifting point helps to distribute weight more evenly and prevent damage to the vehicle’s underside. These features also increase stability, reducing the risk of tipping over, especially on smooth or painted surfaces.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are necessary to prevent your vehicle from suddenly jumping or moving when the jack stand is raised. Install the wheel chock into the tire at the opposite end of the raised vehicle for stability and increased safety during maintenance work.

Hydraulic Floor Jack

Although jack stands are designed to support vehicles once they are raised, it is important to provide the vehicle with a hydraulic floor jack from the ground initially. For durability and reliability, choose a floor jack that can provide lift that best suits the weight and build style of your vehicle.

Beyond the Jack: Essential Tools and Safety Gear for Working Under Your Car

The car jack stand is an essential tool in automotive maintenance. However, it is not the only ace in the pack. Other tools are necessary to ensure you can easily access underneath your car.

Mechanic's Creeper

A creeper is a wheeled platform that allows you to operate comfortably by sliding underneath your automobile. It provides cushioning and movement, relieving pressure on your body and making it simpler to access various car components.

Oil Drain Pan

When doing oil changes or other fluid maintenance operations, an oil drain pan is required to capture and securely dispose of wasted fluids. Look for a big pan with a spout for easy pouring.

Work Light or Flashlight

When working underneath your automobile, proper illumination is crucial. Invest in a bright work light or a robust flashlight to properly illuminate the area and allow you to see what you're doing, especially in low-light settings.

Fire Extinguisher

Sometimes, there is a risk of fire during maintenance or repair. Keep fire extinguishers rated for vehicle use nearby to extinguish any flames quickly and prevent a minor incident.

Why Choose VEVOR?

From our exceptional quality to the high-end technology, VEVOR’s car jack stands remain relevant in the market because of its excellence. They are built to be .

Knowing that safety is paramount, VEVOR makes its car jack stand with priority on user’s safety. These products undergo testing and certification to ensure compliance with relevant safety protocols, including ANSI/ASME or TUV/GS certifications.

We also offer a wide range of car jack stands to be compatible with various needs. Whether you have a small car or truck, a car jack stands for you at VEVOR.

FAQs About Car Jack Stands

Can I use car jack stands on uneven surfaces?

It is not recommended to use car jack stands on uneven surfaces, as this can compromise stability and pose a safety hazard. Always make sure the back is flat, sturdy, and able to support the weight of the vehicle and jack positions. If you are working on soft or uneven ground, a sturdy base such as plywood or a jack-stand pad can provide a stable base for the stand.

How should I properly position the car jack stands under my vehicle?

To properly install a car jack stand, install designated weight-bearing points on your vehicle’s frame or chassis, usually specified in the owner’s manual. Mount the jack stand to these lifting points, remove the bottom to ensure it is centered and evenly spaced, and distribute vehicle weight evenly before starting work. Check that it is firmly set, and slowly and carefully lower the vehicle onto the jacks.

How should I store car jack stands when not in use?

When not in use, ensure that the remains in a dry, clean, well-ventilated area free from moisture, decomposition, and extreme heat. Inspect stands regularly for signs of rust, wear, and damage, and replace worn or damaged components as necessary.