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Commercial Deep Fryers

Efficient Commercial Fryers with Fast Heat-up Technology

Restaurants, food trucks, and carts with high volume and continuous frying needs use commercial fryers. The commercial deep fryer withstands extreme heating temperatures for more extended periods. VEVOR produces high-tech commercial deep fryers, including gas fryers and commercial electric fryers. You can elevate your restaurant supply kitchen’s efficiency with a VEVOR commercial deep fryer.

VEVOR restaurant fryers increase frying process efficiency with faster heat up, thermostat control, and automatic thermal shutdown. The restaurant's deep fryer also has convenient oil drain valves and well-thought-of mountings for holding the fryer baskets.

Commercial Deep Fryer Types You Can Buy

There are multiple commercial fryers for sale available in the market. Let’s explore the most common commercial deep fryers and their applications.

Commercial Pressure Deep Fryers

Pressure fryers are commonly used as commercial fryers due to their high volume capacity and faster cooking. Usually, a pressure fryer fries chicken and other meats at high temperatures and high pressure, allowing even cooking at a quicker rate. The pressure frying technique also reduces oil absorption. Hence, it's highly preferred for commercial operations.

Unlike other commercial fryers, pressure frying is carried out in a sealed compartment, making it difficult to modify the frying process.

Countertop Fryer

These are portable deep fryers with a space-saving design. A countertop fryer is ideal for a food truck or a food stall that has limited space. It is easy to maintain and designed for user convenience. The countertop fryer comes in electric and gas options, with two frying compartments with adequate capacity.

In the commercial deep countertop fryer, you will find added features like oil-drain valves, advanced thermostat control, and fryer basket feasibility. Moreover, it is comparatively fast heating.

Ribbon Commercial Electric Fryer

Ribbon commercial electric fryer is a highly energy-efficient option for commercial kitchens. It is the fastest-heating commercial electric fryer. The ribbon-type heating element floats in the oil, transferring heat faster. It also offers quick recovery time and helps save energy and time. Unlike other types, this fryer is unavailable in the gas fryers category.

The ribbon-type heating element is often difficult to clean, but if it has a detachable design, you can clean it easily.

Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Deep Fryer

Buying a commercial fryer is a crucial investment decision; your kitchen's efficiency depends on the commercial fryer you use. Here's what to look for when purchasing a commercial fryer:

Capacity and Power Option

The two most critical factors when buying a restaurant deep fryer are capacity and power options. We have two categories: a commercial electric deep fryer and a gas fryer. You can choose between these two based on your needs, convenience, and budget. If your demand is high, use a high-capacity commercial restaurant deep fryer with multiple oil tanks for added efficiency.

Comparatively, a commercial electric deep fryer is more energy efficient and incurs less operational costs. However, the initial cost is higher as a commercial electric deep fryer is more expensive than a gas fryer.

Functionality and Added Features

Restaurant fryers must increase the kitchen's efficiency; therefore, looking for some critical features is essential. The restaurant fryer you will buy must have separate thermostat controls, timers with auto shutdown, and oil drain valves. It must also have well-designed holders for user convenience.

Additionally, you should look for safety features like overheat protection, cool-to-touch handles, and fully covered lids. If you're buying an electric restaurant fryer, don't compromise on electrical safety; choose a fryer with overcurrent and overvoltage protection and auto disconnection features in case of electrical hazards.

Ease of Use and Efficiency

The restaurant fryer you should look for must have a convenient design, such as dual cooking compartments with separate temperature controls. It will increase your kitchen's efficiency and enable you to cater to more customers. When one person fries chicken, the other one can fry french fries at the same time.

Other design elements like side tables, lid holders, and fryer basket holders contribute to working efficiency and increase ease of usage.

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Restaurant Fryers

Proper maintenance of deep fryers helps ensure longevity and optimal use. Some best practices include maintaining recommended oil levels, regular cleaning, and avoiding using fryers above the temperature limit for more extended periods. Additionally, you can schedule weekly inspections to check parts subject to excessive wear and look for damages.

Cleaning with efficient degreasers and scrubs will remove build-up and debris collection in oil tanks. Maintaining recommended oil levels will help reduce burns and damage to the fryer's body, possibly leading to cracks. Lastly, inspections will help you find damaged parts and change them quickly to avoid more damage.

Best VEVOR Commercial Deep Fryer for Sale

Level up your restaurant kitchen with a high-quality VEVOR commercial deep fryer with advanced features and a convenient design.

VEVOR Commercial Electric Deep Fryer Countertop with Dual Tanks

VEVOR advanced countertop commercial deep fryer is a game changer. It is designed to make fryer maintenance seamless with front oil drain valves and a rotatable heating element. The fryer has two 1500W ribbon-type heating elements for each tank to allow faster heating. It has efficient temperature control, overheat protection, and auto-shutdown.

VEVOR Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer with Double Burners

If you have a food truck and are struggling with space, get the VEVOR Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer with Double Burners. It is a CSA-certified fryer with a sturdy stainless steel body. The deep fryer consumes small space and has a well-thought-out design with two side tables. It comes with a gas regulator and dual fire control.

VEVOR Turkey Deep Fryers with Outdoor Aluminum Frying Pot

Make your Thanksgiving better than ever with the VEVOR Turkey Deep Fryer with Outdoor Aluminum Frying Pot. It comes in a package with a 10-quart frying pot, cover, perforated frying basket/steamer, thermometer, turkey rack, hanging hook, marination injector, burner stand, LP hose, and regulator. Think no more and make your purchase for the upcoming Thanksgiving.

Why Choose VEVOR Commercial Deep Fryers

If you're looking for a high-quality commercial deep fryer for sale, look no further! VEVOR has the best variety of deep fryers with advanced features at affordable prices. VEVOR believes in providing the best quality at the best price. It values customers and designs products with a customer-centric approach.

VEVOR commercial deep fryer for sale is energy efficient, safe, and durable. You choose from different options as per your needs. VEVOR's dedicated customer support team can assist you through your order until fulfillment. If you have any queries, get in touch!

FAQs About Commercial Fryer for Sale

Q1: Can we fry french fries and chicken simultaneously in restaurant fryers?

A1: Yes, if your fryer has two compartments with separate heat control. Therefore, It's always better to choose a fryer with two separate compartments; it'll increase capacity and efficiency.

Q2: How often should you clean fryers for optimal use?

A2: You should clean your fryer every week with grease, removing liquids and scrubs. Any build-up can cause rusting or make the fryer's body wear fast.

Q3: Which is better, a gas or an electric commercial fryer for sale?

A2: Both fryer types have their merits and demerits. You can select any one of those based on your needs. A gas fryer is cheaper than an electric fryer, but electric fryers are considered efficient.