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Heavy-duty Commercial Grade Manual Can Opener with Base
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Commercial Can Openers

Ensuring that you have one of the best can openers for the job may save you both time and effort. There are three Types of can openers that are used in commercial settings. Manual can openers are convenient to have on hand for less frequent usage. Electric can openers are a suitable option for uses with a modest amount of frequency. Crown punches are intended for continuous, high-volume use and are built accordingly. At VEVOR, you may choose between many distinct models of manual commercial can openersManual

Commercial. VEVOR's Can Opener
The task of opening cans has the potential to be taxing and unpleasant, but it should not be. Using our industrial can opener requires very little effort on your part and enables you to open cans of varying sizes. Don't let the size of the cans scare you. Thanks to its versatility, the countertop setup gives you additional options for where to use it. Experience the change that comes with each turn, and fall in love with it. Our can opener will rapidly get to the top of your list of must-haves in the kitchen and establish itself as an invisible appliance.

Types of Commercial Can Opener
1. VEVOR Commercial Can Opener, 10.6 inches
This commercial can opener is made from Cast Iron, and its blade is made from Stainless Steel (3Cr13Mo). It can open up to 8 PCS/min. Its bar length is 10.6 inches / 27 cm. The compatible Can Height is ≤10.6 inch / 27 cm, and the compatible can thickness is 0.02 in / 0.4 mm. Its product dimensions: are 2.4 x 8.5 x 18.7 inch / 6 x 21.5 x 47.5 cm, and it weighs 7.7 lbs / 3.5 kg.

2. VEVOR Commercial Can Opener , 18.9"/48cm Long
This commercial can opener is made from stainless steel entirely. It can open up to 6 PCS/min. Its bar length is 18.9 inches / 48 cm. The compatible can height is ≤11.8 in / 30 cm, and the compatible can thickness is ≤0.08 inch / 2 mm. Its product dimensions are 2.4 x 8.5 x 18.7 inch / 6 x 21.5 x 47.5 cm, and it weighs 73.3 lbs / 1.5 kg.

3. VEVOR Commercial Can Opener, 23.2"/59cm Long
This commercial can opener is made from stainless steel entirely. It can open up to 7 PCS/min. Its bar length is 23.2 in / 59 cm. The compatible can height is ≤15.7 in / 40 cm, and the compatible can thickness is 0.02 in / 0.4 mm. Its product weighs 4.0 lbs / 1.8 kg.

Main Features and Functionality of Commercial Can Opener
A few of all of the features of our three commercial can openers include:

Efficient Cutting with its Sharp Knife
With these industrial can openers, even the hardest cans will be opened in a flash, much to your delight. The stainless steel used to make the blade is very robust and has excellent wear resistance. You can stop worrying about metal shavings getting into your canned goods since there is no plating on their surface. This is a fantastic option for both domestic and commercial usage since they can open up to 6-8 cans every minute. Cans may be as thick as 0.08 inches (2 mm).

Adjustable Height for Different Cans
This table can opener comprises a fixable base and an up to 59 cm long bar. You can freely lift or lower the bar to adjust the cutting height, making it applicable to cans of various sizes. It is compatible with cans up to 40 cm long .

Simple Base Mount Design
This can opener is incredibly simple to install thanks to its straightforward base mount construction, which attaches easily with screws and is suited for a variety of worktops to guarantee that it will not move while it is being used. There is no need to spend a significant amount of time hunting for the opening.

Easy Rotary Handle
This commercial can opener has a large handle, making it easy to use and significantly reducing the amount of time spent opening cans. After you have depressed the button on the rotary handle and turned it many times in a clockwise direction, you will be able to quickly and puncture the can with the knife. What do you do when life hands you a can opener of exceptional quality with a solid grip and a smooth surface to operate it? The solution is very obvious: open that can occur without a hitch.

Benefits and Applications of Commercial Can Opener
If you rely on canned goods, you'll appreciate that this commercial can opener works with a wide variety of can sizes. It finds frequent use in both domestic and commercial cooking establishments. This can opener is useful for A wide variety of canned foods, including fruit, vegetables, soup, seafood, and more.
The knife is made of 3Cr13Mo stainless steel, which is both rust and corrosion-resistant and sharp enough to make quick work of opening cans. There is also a spare part included in the package . Around seven cans are opened per minute.
This can opener has two options for attaching it to your kitchen counter. The base has mounting screw holes for stability. Alternatively, you may clamp it to the edge of a table. The maximum allowable table thickness is 2.4 inches (or 6 centimeters).
They can be opened with little effort because of the ergonomic rotating handle's conformity to the lever principle, which provides a comfortable grip. Turn it clockwise, and the can pop open smoothly and easily.
The can opener sits on a table and is suitable for occasional usage. All of the components are made from corrosion- and rust-resistant stainless steel, even though it might weigh as little as 7.7 lb.

FAQs About Commercial Can Opener

1. Where is the spare blade located? It was not in the box under a separate cover; not sure where to look
Answer. It does not come with a spare blade; one blade is enough.