What is The Best Commercial Toaster Conveyor in 2023?


wide-usage commercial conveyor toasterAs much as customers appreciate the toast from your restaurant, the quality goes a long way toward maintaining customer loyalty and retention.

If you’re starting your restaurant or food joint, a commercial toaster conveyor will be among the most important kitchen appliances you’ll be starting with. They’re used to toast bagels, bread, buns, and other bread products. Purchasing a quality piece will increase your marketing effectiveness, a crucial part of every business.

Toasters come in three types; Pop-up, Bun Grilling, and Conveyor. We shall learn more about these types later in the article. For now, let’s get to the main part. There are numerous toasters in the market, and not each will be a good fit for you, leave alone your restaurant. You’ll need a commercial toaster conveyor that won’t break down soon.

Of course, there are other preferences you might want to check, but that’s the most important when it comes to productivity.

These commercial Conveyor toasters will give you an edge over your competition!

Best Commercial Toaster Conveyors in 2023

VEVOR 2600W Commercial Conveyor Toaster

VEVOR is the most reputable outlet for reliable commercial-grade kitchen equipment. The VEVOR 2600W Commercial Conveyor toaster is a perfect match for any restaurant or cafeteria that deals with bread products. Moreover, the toaster has received massive appraisals worldwide from restaurant owners and users.

Apart from the appealing aesthetics, which are pretty cool, the VEVOR commercial toaster conveyor boasts high efficiency and ease of cleaning. Besides, the toaster is loaded with industry-leading details that ensure reliable heat dissipation and smooth bread transport and delivery. You can also control the heat from both heating pipes and alter the conveyor’s speed.

With the ability to deliver around 450 slices per hour, this toaster can be used effectively for small or big-sized restaurants. Again, its 2600W power rating puts it above the rest in terms of reliability in productivity.

450 slices per hour

If you don’t have that much space in your restaurant to place your toaster, don’t worry. The VEVOR 2600W toaster occupies minimal space (16.4 × 18 × 15) inches. Again, it weighs only 66 pounds and can be placed in a relatively firm position.

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • High efficiency – 450 slices/hour
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide application

VEVOR Commercial Conveyor Toaster (1340W)

VEVOR 1340W conveyor toaster

The premium quality of VEVOR products isn’t talked about much. This commercial toaster conveyor, for example, has a 1340W power rating, ranking it among the most powerful and efficient toasters. Even though it falls short of the 2600W model, you won’t deny that it can perfectly serve moderate-sized restaurants and food outlets.

The buying point of this VEVOR 1340W commercial toaster conveyor is its premium quality. It has a food-friendly stainless steel construction that resists corrosion and unnecessary chipping. Moreover, its efficiency is not out of the question too! You can make 150 slices per hour with the 1340W toaster from VEVOR.

Among all toasters you might have come across, this will help you create a personalized outcome. You won’t lack a favorite bread color among the seven you can choose from and a customer-favorite toasting mode from the three the toaster provides you with.

You can also adjust the conveyor speed and change the temperatures on the upper and lower heating pipes. Cleaning the VEVOR toaster conveyor is as easy as it can get. Moreover, you can use the toaster for a wider range of applications.

Reasons to Buy

  • High efficiency – 150 slices per hour
  • Versatile design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel construction

APW Wyott Express Radiant 120V Conveyor Toaster

If you need fast output for your customers, then the APW Wyott Express Radiant Conveyor toaster might suit you best. With a 120V conveyor motor, this toaster can deliver around 300 slices in an hour.

Again, to achieve such impressive figures, the toaster has been fitted with a 10-inch conveyor that delivers more than the standard toasters.

However, that shouldn’t make you think the toaster is huge. Its dimensions are (13.3 × 14.75 × 18) inches. That is enough to allow for random placement across your kitchen. The APW Wyott toaster weighs only 54 pounds. Moving it around won’t be a big deal.

The APW Wyott AT Conveyor Toaster boasts a stainless steel construction for enhanced durability. The material is food-grade and won’t rust or wear any time soon.

To maintain the consistency of operations, the toaster comes with high-temperature insulated wires just in case the machine heats at some point. Again, the Wyott commercial toaster has a great cooling system that keeps temperatures in check during operations.

Reasons to Buy

  • It Fits bread of any size.
  • Compact design – Won’t take much space in the office
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable toasting speed
  • Great insulation and durable design

Waring Commercial Conveyor Toaster (1800W)

If you’re looking to keep up with the breakfast rush in your newly-opened restaurant in town, the Waring toaster conveyor will come to your saving. Here’s where effectiveness meets versatility. You can toast an average of 450 slices of bread in an hour amid making bagels of up to 2 inches in thickness.

Aside from a fast output rate, the Waring Commercial Conveyor also boasts a great durable construction and an ultra-fast 5-minute heat-up time. Yes, the commercial toaster is made with chip-free and rust-free steel construction that is also durable.

The toaster also has these great side handles that ease movement of the toaster within the kitchen area. It also has a great cooling system that allows optimal heat dissipation to keep temperatures in check.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great value for money
  • Steady temperature control
  • Reliable output – 450 slices per hour
  • You can control the conveyor speed
  • Handy side touch panels

Waring 2700W Commercial Conveyor Toaster (1000+ slices per hour)

If you’re looking to make over a thousand toasties in an hour, the 2700W Waring toaster might be your solution. With less than 4 minutes of heat-up time, the toaster immediately gets you to action.

Boasting a surprisingly high wattage, the Waring Conveyor Toaster is praised for its high output, recording over 1000 toasts while still working under optimal conditions. However, you can control the conveyor speed to push the toasts slightly slower if you don’t need that much output.

Again, owing to the versatility of the machine and its large 2-inch opening, you can make bagels or any other bread products seamlessly.

The Waring CTS1000 has an energy-saving STANDBY function that helps save power when not in use. It also has a reinforced stainless steel construction that is food-friendly and built to last. However, the steel doesn’t make things heavy, as the machine can be carried around comfortably.

Reasons to Buy

  • Incredible output – 1000+ toasts per hour
  • Energy-saving STANDBY mode
  • Durable Construction
  • Versatility

Different Types of Commercial Toasters

There are three main types of commercial toasters in the market

  • Commercial Pop-Up toasters
  • Conveyor Toasters
  • Commercial Bun-Grilling Toasters

Commercial Pop-up Toasters – These are more durable versions of the typical kitchen toasters. They can toast bagel halves, English muffins, and bread but operate under a high wattage. Commercial pop-up toasters can produce around 150 toasts per hour.

Conveyor Commercial Toasters – These toasters provide greater capacity than push-up ones.

They can dish out anywhere between 300 and 1500 toasts per hour. They are also larger and use more power.

Bun-Grilling Toasters –  Suited to high-output sandwich outlets, bun-grilling toasters will give anywhere between 800 and 1500 toasts an hour. However, the output varies with whether the toasting is caramelized or dry. Bun-grilling toasters are unique because they use griddle plates rather than the usual heating elements.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Commercial Conveyor Toaster

What are you toasting?

Since all toaster conveyors have a unique opening, it’s crucial that you first determine what you’ll be toasting. Will it be muffins or bread? It would help if you ensured the product would comfortably fit through.


The ultimate test of any commercial kitchen equipment is its output. If your toaster conveyor can’t make upward of 300 toasts per hour at maximum conveyor belt, you might need to get a better deal.

Electrical requirements

Make sure you’re aware of the electrical requirements of your toaster conveyor before making a purchase. That helps prevent post-installation electrical faults, which may cause kitchen fires or damage the machine. Lower-power toasters need a 120V connection, while higher-power alternatives call for almost double the voltage.

Spatial considerations

Kitchen space is not so easy to find or manage. Look for a machine that won’t be a bother with its placement.

Other Features

Other features like heat control, conveyor speed control, and versatility in use can go a long way toward increasing the efficiency and reliability of your toaster.

FAQ About Commercial Toaster Conveyors

Are Conveyor Toasters worth it?

Yes, absolutely. If you run a breakfast joint or restaurant, a commercial toaster conveyor will help you keep up the pace at work. It is one of the most vital kitchen breakfast equipment.

What toasters do restaurants use?

The great toasts or bagels you take for breakfast at your favorite joint are made with a commercial toaster conveyor. They are enhanced to improve quality as well as production rate.

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