What is the Best Commercial Meat Grinder?


multi-use commercial meat grinderCustomers appreciate quality service with loyalty! Large restaurants, butcher shops, and institutions that offer culinary services always get everything pre-planned to ensure a smooth workflow and customer satisfaction.

In most instances, standard culinary equipment won’t just keep up with the heat, and there’s always a need for large commercial-grade machines. Those with restaurants won’t deny that large products are more effective and deliver quickly.

Therefore, a commercial grinder must be on your ‘to-buy’ list if you handle meat-based products.

Yes, any place that deals with meat products needs to have a commercial meat grinder, besides the must-have knife set and other equipment. These grinders are mostly made from stainless steel, and their blades and rugged design ensure work flows seamlessly at an incredible pace.

Commercial meat grinders come with huge trays and more power, ranking them among the most reliable equipment in the meat processing industry. Manufacturers have realized the dire need for these grinders, and we see several of them hit the markets daily.

So, the question remains, how do you choose the best commercial meat grinder from the numerous choices in the market?

How to Choose the Best Commercial Meat Grinder?

Commercial-grade meat grinders come in different sizes and forms. However, not a single one differs drastically from the other, but the minor differences count.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best commercial meat grinder.


The motor size in a commercial meat grinder will determine the effectiveness of your work. Most commercial meat grinders come with a power rating of 350W and 750W. The latter rating will ensure that you grind a more significant amount of meat.

Again, a higher power rating will help you save more time, even when working with a massive chunk of meat. Time is of the essence, especially if you’re working in a busy environment. The same factor will also apply to non-commercial meat grinders. You don’t want to spend all the time doing a single thing.


Size matters! Meat grinders come in different sizes that dictate the width and nature of the grinding plates. Here are the most common meat grinder sizes.

Size 8 – Size 8 and 5 meat grinders are usually the most compact and suitable for small-scale grinding tasks. They are more powerful than the standard food processor and can conveniently be used for home applications.

These meat grinders can also be used to grind pet food too.

Size 12 – Slightly bigger than the size-8 meat grinders, the size 12 also comes with a heavier-duty design. They are more reliable and can grind more meat, owing to their powerful motors. However, size 12 meat grinders might not be most appropriate for company-sized projects.

Size 22 – Size 22 meat grinders are compatible with home and commercial uses. Their plate hole sizes are anywhere between 3mm and 12mm. They are great with sausages, ground meat packages, and chorizo, among other products.

If you own a deli or butcher shop, the size 22 is your ideal meat grinder. However, larger companies might need to step up for a better experience.

Size 32 – Size 32 meat grinders are classified as ‘Heavy Duty.’ They are more powerful than a standard food processor or a manual grinder. They are known to grind hundreds of pounds in an hour.

Over Size 32 – Any meat grinder above size 32 is a commercial meat grinder. Size 32 meat grinders produce immense output and are a good fit for huge companies. They come with a larger pan, and some even have extra in-built features like food pushers and knife sharpeners.

You can also purchase add-ons like a sausage stuffing kit and meat slicers.

The Components

Commercial meat grinders come with different components and accessories. You’ll need extra features and accessories if you get a meat grinder for commercial purposes.

Some accessories you expect to see on a commercial meat grinder are a sausage attachment section, cutting blades, grinding plates, and more.

Work Load

Not all commercial meat grinders can handle the same workload. Even when all might be entirely heavy-duty, some can take much more than others. Determine the workload you’ll be managing and get the right meat grinder.

Bigger models are also expensive. Ensure you don’t incur extra costs on a meat grinder whose potential you won’t fully exploit.

List of 5 Best Commercial Meat Grinders

Here are the best commercial meat grinders in the market.

VEVOR Electric Meat Grinder (661 LBS/Hour, 1000W) – Best Choice

If you need a reliable meat grinder for commercial purposes, then the VEVOR Electric meat grinder will suit your needs. It features commercial-grade parts and a high power rating that will prove more than reliable.

The electric meat grinder is the perfect tool to make ground meat. Additionally, the VEVOR electric meat grinder has two grinding plate sizes and can give a coarse or fine ground result.

The 661 LBS/hr VEVOR meat grinder is suitable for various applications and has a complete accessory set.

VEVOR quality and sturdy meat grinder

Reasons to buy

  • Robust performance – With a 1100W motor, the VEVOR electric motor can grind up to 661lbs/hr at a speed of 180r/min. That is enough for a commercial meat outlet, and its output ensures steady operation.
  • Complete Accessories – The VEVOR commercial meat grinder provides a full accessory set to suit any use. You’re provided with a huge meat tray to place a considerable amount of meat for grinding. You’re also provided with an enlarged-throat meat pusher to help stuff meat conveniently.
  • With 6mm and 8mm grinding plates, you can switch between soft and coarse grinding for different applications. There’s also a sausage kit to help with sausages.
  • Multifunction Design – Any multifunction equipment usually goes a long way towards saving on space and extra cost. The VEVOR  commercial meat grinder has numerous embedded functions, like meat mincing and filling. The grinder can also grind fish and vegetables, making it a surprisingly versatile culinary equipment.
  • Durability – The meat grinder is made from tough stainless steel that is not prone to destruction by any element. Moreover, the material makes it possible for the meat grinder to serve you for long before breaking down. You can paint the exterior if you’d like to make the grinder more appealing to the eye.
  • Easy to Install – The VEVOR meat grinder has an easy-to-install design. If you wish to clean it, you can easily remove the head or other parts to perform the cleaning.

LEM Products 17821 Stainless Steel Big Bite #32 Electric Grinder

With both fine and coarse grinding plates, the LEM products #32 meat grinder is undoubtedly suitable for domestic and commercial purposes. The meat grinder is heavy-duty and most likely to serve you for long.

The meat grinder’s double plates prove it is designed for hunters who regularly deal with huge amounts of meat from different natures. The company has a variety of different-sized meat grinders, but this, in particular, is the best for commercial purposes. Its quality steel fabrication makes it the perfect suit for that.

The brand is famed for making great meat grinders that won’t jam at any instance. Here are the reasons to buy the LEM Products 17821 #32 Big Bite Electric Grinder.

Reasons to Buy

  • Heavy-duty Grinder – The LEM products commercial meat grinder boasts a robust steel fabrication that suits large-scale operations.
  • Bigger size – The meat grinder has an extended meat pan and auger to help pull more meat in less time. The body has an added tray to help with plate and knife storage.
  • Unique steel finish – The LEM  meat grinder has a unique steel finish that gives it a great look and rules out fingerprints sticking. A unique pattern in the head section helps you push meat forward with minimal human interaction.

Weston Pro #32 Commercial Meat Grinder

The Weston Pro commercial meat grinder is a #32 meat grinder with an inbuilt sausage stuffer. It has a powerful 2HP grinder that is permanently lubricated and air-cooled to achieve a longer service span.

With a grinding speed of up to 21 lbs per minute, the grinder grinds meat as fast as you can feed it, matching commercial meat grinding requirements. Again, the tapered throat and riffled head design eliminate the need for a tray guard.

Among the many features that the Weston Pro comes with, you will get a quiet device that won’t be irritating while working. There’s a forward-reverse motion mode that breaks tougher meat or that which has connective tissue.

Reasons to Buy

  • Powerful Motor – With a powerful motor, you’ll be able to grind huge amounts of meat for a long time. The 1500-watt motor won’t stall any time soon.
  • Built-in Accessories – The Weston Pro commercial meat grinder includes a sausage stuffer and knife sharpener. The latter helps you prepare your meat before grinding.
  • Forward-Reverse grinding – Not all grinders are equipped with this type of technology. However, the Weston grinder uses the same to grind the tough chunks of meat with connective tissue.
  • Durable
  • Quiet

Guide Gear #32 Commercial Meat Grinder

The Guide Gear commercial meat grinder will efficiently and quickly turn your meat into ground sausages. With an 1125-watt and 1.5-hp motor, you can grind around 9.6 lbs of meat per minute. Its construction is rigid and made to last, even under heavy use.

All components are made from steel, and you’re provided with more accessories than any other meat grinder in the competition. These include a circuit breaker, metal gears and more components.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent output – The Guide Gear Commercial meat grinder grinds a whopping 9.6 pounds of meat in a minute. That’s enough speed for a restaurant or fast-food joint. Moreover, its quality motor is durable and efficient.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation – The Guide Gear won’t make the fizzing noises you get on average meat grinders. With this one, you’re assured of silent operation and smooth grinding.

VEVOR 850W Electric Meat Grinder

VEVOR has been among the top commercial meat grinder producers. The 850W Electric meat grinder from VEVOR provides reliable results and can be a perfect addition to a commercial meat joint.

VEVOR’s powerful motor can achieve around 180 r/min and grind up to 551 lbs of meat in an hour. There’s an electric fan that cools the machine to ensure a steady and cool operation. Again, the VEVOR 850W commercial meat grinder has a multifunction mechanism that allows you to perform mincing and sausage filling from the same machine.

Reasons to Buy

  • Multiple functions – You can use the grinder for mincing and sausage filling. The VEVOR commercial meat grinder comes with accessories for each.
  • Durability – VEVOR meat grinders are built to last! This 850W machine is made from stainless steel and will stand for long periods of heavy use.
  • Reliable motor – The VEVOR electric meat grinder can grind up to 550 lbs of meat in one hour. Again, the motor is laced with a circuit breaker that will ensure the motor doesn’t get fried up from working.

Summary (Why Choose VEVOR)

VEVOR has been the most outstanding one-stop shop for reliable and cheap equipment in the recent past. Their products have been tested for durability and reliability, and you can trust them with the task.

VEVOR's Humanized-design meat grinder

Visit VEVOR today and get the commercial meat grinder of your choice.

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