VEVOR Retractable Hose Reel Review Guide For Buyers


Is your mind-boggling while choosing the best retractable hose reel for your garden? You don’t want rubbish, kinky reels with a winding handle that falls off. If your currently retractable hose reel doesn’t work properly and drives you crazy, then it’s time to change your retractable garden hose reel.

Learn how VEVOR’s outstanding retractable hose reel features stand out in the market. You can lock the hose length with the VEVOR retractable hose reel. Ensures to cover your whole garden with its 1/2 inch hose. This one-time investment will save you in the long run by featuring shell purpose and a brass lead-in hose. So, before starting the full review guide, check out what’s inside the box.

Unboxing the VEVOR Retractable Hose Reel

Upon opening  the box, you’ll get the items:

1. Spray Gun

2. Spray Nozzle

3. 2m Connected Pipe

4. 9-patten hose nozzle

5. 3 Fast Adapters

VEVOR Hose Reel Reviews

With VEVOR, you don’t need to invest in labor costs. This hose never demands you to spend time on manual rewinding. Careful pulling allows the hose to be retracted smoothly, no matter how far it stretches. You can adjust its length with its desirable length feature. However, many water hose retractable reels aged over time and started showing defects; VEVOR won’t lose its quality over time.

Usually, hose reels snapping under pressure make you tired. Gear up for a high-quality retractable hose reel without worrying about flaws. Brass lead in hose and three-layer PVC hose stand out this product in any weather condition. Tests like 200PSI and 600PSI bursting give it durability assurance and guarantees undamaged.

Choose how you spray and get the advantage of this retractable garden hose with a general nozzle, 9 9-pattern hose nozzle, and 3 faucets. Invest in this amazing reel hose retractable to clean doors, bathe pets, wash cars, water your lawn, and more.


● Dimension: 16.1″ x 8.07″ x 14.4″

● Hose Length: 65.6 ft

● Installation Method: Wall-Mounted

● Weight: 15.0 Lbs

● Hose Diameter: 12 mm


● Quick Installation

● Work as a water faucet in front of your garage

● High Quality and Lightweight

● Don’t Create Hose clutter and reel fumbling

● Spring lock is very smooth to use

How To Install VEVOR Retractable Hose Reel

It’s time to install a VEVOR retractable hose reel. So, let’s start with the step-by-step process:

1- Pipe Attaching

attach pipe to vevor hose reel

First, you must attach the premium hose to the water tap.

2- Make A Hole In The Wall

make a hole on the wall

This retractable hose really comes with the wall-mounted ability. With the help of a screwdriver, hammer, and drill machine, make a hole and attach this wall-mount retractable garden hose reel to your most convenient spot.

3- Wall Mounted Retractable Hose Reel

wall mounted retractable hose reel

Fix the VEVOR retractable hose reel to the wall. Move it to any direction as it offers 180-degree coverage. Bend it aside if your retractable hose reel is idle or you just completed your job.

Wash Your Lawn Mower With The VEVOR Retractable Garden Hose Reel

If you’re looking to buy a new retractable garden hose reel, it’s recommended to take the first and final step to invest in a VEVOR retractable reel. With a CE/GS certification, this quality product can be used for washing cars and lawnmowers.

Unlike retractable hose reels, there won’t be any leakage and replacement issues once you install the VEVOR retractable hose if you’re tired of tiring, expensive retractable hose reels, so it’s time to jump on the VEVOR products without a second thought. See how this retractable hose reel works to wash your lawn mowers.

1- Lengthening The Hose Pipe

Take it to the corner of your garden or anywhere else. Its long pipe flexibility lets you spray more easily to bathe your pets or wash your lawn mowers.

lengthen hose reel pipe

With this only one product, you’ll receive multiple nozzles to wash several items. Get a different nozzle, like a Spray gun or a nozzle. Furthermore, a spray gun allows you to use different water pressures, whether you need a mist or shower pressure.

2- Hose Technical Working

hose technical working

On the left, this hose pipe also moves smoothly towards the left side, and on the right side, it’ll move towards the right quickly and without any difficulty. So, while washing anything, you can freely move around without getting any distractions.

3-Cliping and Locking To Attachment

clip and lock to attachment

With this extraordinary retractable hose reel, get easy and reliable locking features. To the back attachment, attach this locking clip if you want to keep your pipe in one place.

FAQs About VEVOR Retractable Hose Reel

1- Are retractable hose reels worth it?

Getting a hose reel might give you more time to water your garden.  It’s a great way to maximize the time you have your hose out, and it can keep the water going if it’s windy.

2- Is PVC better than rubber hose?

PVC air hoses have trouble bending in cold temperatures because they’re less flexible. Even at freezing temperatures, rubber hoses stay flexible.

3- What is the maximum length of the retractable hose reel?

A standard retractable hose reel is 20m and 30m long. The VEVOR retractable reel with a 20m length goes in a log run without leakage and damaging issues.

4- Can retractable hoses be mounted on the wall?

In most retractable hoses, you mount them on the wall so the tension stays even. In some cases, however, retractable hoses are freestanding or have mounting options, especially for smaller gardens.


Suppose you have ever faced an issue due to a retractable hose reel lasting only a few months and showing leaking. However, to clean the patio, deck, siding, outside plants, lawn movers, and whatnot? VEVOR retractable hose reel is the only solution to your problem. Made up of high-quality material, don’t settle for less. Due to the high demand for the VEVOR retractable hose reel, it instantly gets out of stock and takes a couple of weeks to come back in stock.

To buy a VEVOR retractable hose reel, browse their website and make your first purchase with a 5% discount.

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