Running Wine Through This Awesome Vevor Air Still


Wouldn’t your home be an interesting dinner party point if you still produce some alcohol? If you want to make your own spirit, VEVOR Air Still is a simple, easy way to start out for beginners. Do you know using air can still be dangerous if you’re not using a reliable brand? Otherwise, you’ll end up hurting yourself.

vevor air still reviews

Using VEVOR air still can take just a couple of nights to make enough brandy a year. Unbelievable? But that’s true…It’s simple to operate, and you can prepare many spirits with little to zero knowledge, as it requires no effort. It features automation foreshot collection and temperature control. This VEVOR Air still is designed to handle volatile alcohol.

Part 1: Unboxing and Setting Up the VEVOR Air Still

This VEVOR air still comes with everything you need to prepare your wine. Here you go:

● Air Still

● Power Pot

● Detergent for Cleaning

● SUS 304

● Borosilicate Glass

You must follow some steps to arrange the components to set up the device.

unboxing the vevor air still

First, the container will need to assemble; for this, you’ll screw the handle of a container with the help of a screw; put the band over the container and screw this behind the handle. Put the power pot over the air still and attach the plug with it. When pouring the liquid into the container, it’ll collect into the container.

assemble the VEVOR air still

Inside the power pot, you’ll find a little charcoal bag to help your liquor run through. Now your air still is ready to run wine through it.

Part 2: VEVOR Air Still Reviews

This VEVOR Air Still can run up to many years. This product is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, including the inner cap, the inner tank, and the water outlet. As well as glass comes with air and still will not break easily and store water longer than plastic ones. You’ll get three pieces of replaceable carbon packages and cleaning powder for a better experience. To clean the internal tank, it’s hassle-free work.

Processing will not take much time for running the wine. Running low wines can be enough for many people through this air still.


1. Over-heat Protection

2. Faster Purification

3. Effective Cooling System

4. Burning Protection

5. Dual Temperature Display

6. 0.4 Gal/H Speed

7. 1.1 Gal Volume


● Suitable for places like hospitals, labs, and home

● Cheap Price

A 4-aluminum blade and a SUS 304 condensing coil ensure extended service life and rapid heat dissipation for wine and your needs to make essential oils and hydrosol with the 0.99-H timing range for fermenting at a constant temperature.

Part 3: Running and Testing the VEVOR Air Still

The great thing is that you’ll not get temperature settings when you still want to run this air. All you need to do is just turn it on and set your time, but dipping it for 30 minutes will distill the water. However, this VEVOR Air Still gives you many options. Let’s take a look.

1-Add Wine Into The Air Still

add wine into VEVOR air still

It’s time to add some wine made of molasses and rum into your Air still. So it’ll come out as a fruity rum.

2-Flashing Up

flashing up

Upon the machine, you’ll see the flashlights on the controller bar. Choose a temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

3-Temperature Setting

Here are the steps and instructions you need to follow to set the temperature to your preference:

Step 1-You can adjust the temperature according to your preference, or you can raise or lower the temperature.

Step 2- By pressing the setting button twice, you will be able to adjust the temperature to 185. On hitting the first time, it’ll take you minutes and hours for the second time.

Step 3- Set the time for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Maybe you think you’ll get dripping in 30-40 minutes. But when the device heats, you’ll see an actual temperature rather than what you set.

temperature settings

Step 4- After 22 minutes, you’ll see a 205 temperature on the device.

temperature settings

Step 5- Remember to back it down when it gets hot. After 100, you’ll see the temperature drop dramatically; you’ll feel a great smell of wine that dips out there. Basically, first, start out with hot and then go with the drop-down option as it’s better to go with 212 temperature.

monitor temperature changes

Step 6- You can see in the picture… The wine running through this air still filled a mason jar. But it’ll take an hour to get a pint of liquor.

Part 4: Is the VEVOR Air Still Worth It?

Yes! Using VEVOR Air still, you will be able to produce 1.5 liters of distillate water per day and 9.5 liters per day with 1750-watt heating elements. This VEVOR distill allows VOCS and other impurities to dissolve easily. It is not only useful for distilling water but also for making essential oils and alcohol. You can use it in your home, laboratory, clinic, or office.

Part 5: FAQ About VEVOR Air Still

1-What is the heating time of an Air Still?

A fan will immediately begin running in the top cover of the still. The water will be heated within 1.5 hours. As distillation begins, water will drip slowly into the spirit collector or jug.

2- What is the production rate of an Air Still?

Two hours are required for distillation, which yields enough alcohol to make a 1-liter bottle of 56-60% alcohol by volume.

3- Is it possible for an Air Still to distill water?

With an empty column, you are able to distill 4 liters of water in Pot Still Mode.

4- What is the best yeast to use for Air Stills?

Air stills should only be used with Triple Distilled yeast, Turbo Clear and Turbo Carbon.


You only need to pay a few bucks to put this air still into your countertops. You can obtain a high quality by diluting a gallon of low-proof wine or liquor to 40-proof and then running it through this device. There is a possibility that you may even end up with a port if you run 40-proof liquor through it. As far as I am concerned, this is one of the best air distillers on the market. Superior to other models, it’s a great choice to buy.

If you buy it now, you’ll get a 5% discount through the VEVOR site upon buying VEVOR Air Still. So, let’s buy and enjoy every wine sip this weekend.

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