Top 5 Air Over Hydraulic Jacks: Making Lifting Weights and Loads Much Easier For You


The human body is incapable of doing a lot of heavy lifting—not if you spend all your time jacking up your muscles to a ridiculous degree. And yet, even the greatest weight liter would need to lift hundreds of pounds several times to do half of the work a hydraulic jack can do.

A hydraulic jack is a machine that uses hydraulics to lift hefty weights and loads. Such a machine is used in the automotive, industrial, and construction industries. Compared to its contemporaries, such as the scissor jack, the most significant advantage of a hydraulic jack is its speed. They can do their job very quickly and make it easier to start loading weights and setting them up.

Hydraulic jacks are primarily used with cars, trucks, farm vehicles, and industrial construction equipment.

Why You Should Buy an Air Over Hydraulic Jack

A hydraulic jack is handy. If you have a cursory interest or involvement with working with vehicles or heavy objects, you should invest in one. Working on heavy loads yourself is completely unfeasible; a hydraulic jack will save you money in going to the ER for a bad back.

There are so many different reasons you should buy a hydraulic jack, but the best way to show you why is to give you a list of the top 5 hydraulic jacks you can find in a store or on the internet. These selections are the finest in hydraulic bottle and floor jacks and should make moving weights much easier.

List of Top 5 Air Over Hydraulic Jack

1. VEVOR Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Air over hydraulic jack

The first and most charming hydraulic jack comes from VEVOR. The VEVOR Air Hydraulic Bottle Jac,k is a top choice for many reasons, but most importantly, its capacity of 20 tons (or 44,092 lbs), its integration of a pneumatic jack along with its hydraulic jack, and its ability to lift up to 20 inches!

Air over hydraulic jack

VEVOR bares with it a variety of valuable features:

● A compact spring that can easily be reset after use, a powerful performance,

● An easy manual operation, as well as a way to easily store and keep the hydraulic jack safe,

● A pneumatic operation (turn the valve, connect the pipe joint to the compressor, and press the switch!),

● And finally, a broad application of loads, including cars, trucks, ATVs, and industrial equipment.

VEVOR is an excellent and affordable choice for anyone wanting a hydraulic jack.

Air over hydraulic jack

● Material: Q235 Steel

● Load Capacity: 20 Ton (or 44,092 lbs.)

● Lifting Height: 6-5/8″ (or 17 cm)

● Working Pressure: 120 – 200 psi

2. Pittsburgh Automotive 12-Ton Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack

While a little weaker than VEVOR, the Pittsburgh Automotive 12-Ton Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack is an excellent option for affordable and well-made hydraulic jacks.

Twelve tons of load capacity is absolutely nothing to sneeze, and this bottle jack easily gets into tight spaces. It can even help push heavy weights in both horizontal and vertical positions. It also comes with a safety spring ram retention to prevent inevitable disaster.

With a price that’s even cheaper than VEVOR, the Pittsburgh Automotive 12-Ton Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a wonderful budget option for all your construction, vehicles, and machinery needs.

● Material: Cast Iron, Steel

● Load Capacity: 12 Ton (or 26,455 lbs.)

● Lifting Height: 20 inches

● Working Pressure: 110 – 120 psi

3. Sunex Tools 10-Ton Portable Air Lift Jack

Sunex is a brand that sells a number of helpful tools, and their 10 Ton Portable Air Lift Jack is no exception.

Sunex’s Air Lift Jack is a unique type n this list. As an air jack, it uses an air valve that provides control over the speed of the lift whether yo it is lifting or lowering a heavy load. The air lift jack’s T handle and 8 foot air hose also make it easy to safely position the jack and provide operation without getting yourself in harm’s way. Finally, the extension tubes and detent pins allow for multiple lift heights and extra post-lifting support.

Besides its unique functionalities, the Sunex Tools 10-Ton Portable Air Lift Jack comes with all of the benefits and usefulness of a standard air jack, including portability thanks to its well-rounded and pneumatic wheels and the aforementioned T handle. In other words, Sunex promises its buyer a safe and unique way of doing the heavy lifting. You will certainly not be disappointed with Sunex!

● Load Capacity: 10 Tons

● Lifting Height: 49 inches

4. Powerbuilt 20-Ton Shorty Bottle Jack

Here is another item that is known for its strength and support.

Powerbuilt is a brand that has their commitment to products with power in their name. The Powerbuilt 20-Ton Shorty Bottle Jack is constructed to make for a very durable lift. Powerbuilt’s “glide-action” pressure pump is made to lift weights with minimum effort. The bottle jack has a built-in oil bypass and overload valve, which protects the hydraulic system from going beyond its limits and causing a disaster. Finally, the quality of the bottle jack is built to meet or even exceed the ASME/PASE standards, meaning that the Powerbuilt 20-Ton Shorty Bottle Jack is very much a certified product, so you should have no problem trusting its quality.

To summarize, the Powerbuilt 20-Ton Shorty Bottle Jack is just what you need if you want a hydraulic jack that specializes in being solid and durable. There is no wrong choice here!

● Material: Alloy Steel

● Load Capacity: 20 Tons (or 44,092 lbs.)

5. Husky 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

The final item on this list is also the only floor jack. The Husky 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack is on this list for a good reason.

Husky is a low-profile floor jack that makes up for its relative lack of load capacity (it’s only 3 tons, or up to 6,000 lbs) for sheer mobility, portability, and use. Simply stuff this baby under a car, AV, or whatever you want to lift and start pumping.

With its ease of use, impressive maximum lifting height of 20 inches, ad quick, dual pump design, the Husky 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack makes it clear why floor jacks remain competitive with their bottle jack counterparts. With an affordable price as well, you can never go wrong with Husky’s hydraulic jack.

● Material: Steel

● Load Capacity: 3 Ton, or 6,000 lbs.

● Lifting Height: 20 inches

● Working Pressure: N/A

Different Types of Air Over Hydraulic Jack

Generally, all hydraulic jacks serve the same purpose. However, two distinct types of hydraulic jacks can significantly change how you use the device:

  • Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Hydraulic bottle jacks are portable, with a piston bearing the weight load. By placing the jack under a car, then using a lever, the jack is pumped and raises the car. Use bottle jacks for vehicles and changing wheels.

  • Hydraulic Floor Jacks

Hydraulic floor jacks are less portable, but are more mobile, having wheels or castors, and on average can lift heavier loads than bottle jacks. Floor jacks have a long arm that provides the heavy lifting.

How Do Hydraulic jacks Work?

Hydraulic jacks compress hydraulic fluid in the jack’s cylinder with a pump. The pump is pulled back, and the fluid runs into the pump chamber. The fluid is pushed back into the cylinder when the pump moves back up, increasing the pressure. And that’s the magic of a hydraulic pump.

Air over hydraulic jack

What Should You Look for When Buying an Air Over Hydraulic Jack

You should be happy to know that hydraulic jacks do not have much in the way of variety: this makes it easier to find what kind of hydraulic jack you are looking for. But you would want the hydraulic jack that can lift the heaviest amount of weight at a time. The sky should be the limit. However, this may come with a particularly steep bill. The greater the load capacity, the more it will cost.

Air over hydraulic jack

It is also ideal for you to research the lifting height of a hydraulic jack. While this does not technically have to do with how much the jack can lift, it does have a lot to do with the operations you mean to use. If you are working with a car, you’d want a jack to help you get under it, which is easier when it is able to lift at a greater height.

Are Air Over Hydraulic Jacks Worth It?

Simply put, hydraulic jacks are worth it. Getting a hydraulic jack will save you a lot in moving costs and in medical bills. Find your price, find your desired tons, and get yourself a hydraulic jack today!

FAQ about Air Over Hydraulic Jacks

1. What else do I need to use a hydraulic jack?

Hydraulic jacks come with everything they need, though it would also be wise to invest in a repair kit if yours breaks down.

2. What load capacity should my hydraulic jack be?

The load capacity of your hydraulic jack should ideally be as high as you can reasonably purchase, as you can never go wrong with a hydraulic jack that can lift dozens of tons. However, a simple 20 ton hydraulic jack is a good fit for most loads.

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