The 5 Best Metal Hand Shears For 2024


Metal hand shears from VEVOR

Metal hand shears are ideal power tools to use if you need to cut through metal sheets or tough surfaces easily. They are famed for their effectiveness in providing clean, precise, straight cuts in metal surfaces, especially in roofing, art, or craftwork.

Owing to their scissor-like mechanism, metal hand shears can cut through metal sheets with utmost precision and at your speed. Working with metal sheets becomes tough without this tool, especially thick ones.

Metal hand shears come in different sizes, gauge settings, and ergonomic properties. Therefore, you’ll need to be careful when purchasing to ensure you have the best quality for yourself.

Here’s a review of the best metal hand shears of 2023.

Best Metal Hand Shears of 2023

VEVOR Hand Plate Shear (12-inch) Manual Metal Cutter

If you need to prepare your iron sheets for roofing or other metal works, the best metal cutter you can get is the VEVOR 12-inch hand plate shear. The quality cutting tool is made from reinforced carbon and steel components, giving it the hardness and sharpness needed to slice through metal. It seamlessly cuts through aluminum, steel, iron, or any other metal product.

Versatile 12'' VEVOR metal hand shear

Its excellent cutting capability and 12-inch blade enable it to shear through ¼ -inch thick steel sheets and ½-inch steel rods with minimal effort.

The VEVOR hand shear is backed by numerous ergonomic capabilities to achieve its immense reliability and efficiency. You can save on effort with the long handle fixed to the blade. Again, with the help of an embedded hold-down clamp within the system, you can use little effort to secure the metal sheets within the tool. The VEVOR manual hand shear is designed to offer you comfort at work.

Most importantly, the VEVOR manual hand shear is durable, and you won’t be replacing it soon, especially with its outstanding performance! Most parts are painted to prevent rusting.

Reasons to Buy

  • The shears provide a safe and Secure method of cutting metal sheets.
  • Numerous ergonomic characteristics help in metal cutting.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight.
  • Provides accuracy and precision even in complex situations.

HS-12 KAKA Industrial High-Precision Manual Metal  Hand Shear

The KAKA industrial manual metal hand shear is crucial when achieving high precision in your metal-cutting project. This industrial-grade metal shear comes with a heavy-duty frame that increases operation stability and the tool’s lifetime.

The 12-inch hardened steel shear can comfortably cut through thick steel sheets and bars. Operating it is easy as you must place the metal sheet between the cutting jaws and hold down the frame. It would be better if you applied a good amount of effort to help the machine cut through. There’s an adjustable work hold-down setting that is crucial for operational adjustments.

For a smoother and more-precise cut, the KAKA metal hand shear’s blade is arched to make deeper effortless cuts. A long handle guarantees significant leverage as you work, so you don’t have to use too much power while cutting. If you have back problems, the steel frame will make cutting more straightforward and fun.

The tool is light and easy to carry along. Again, it is designed to be used single-handedly, proving an excellent choice for long working durations. It is also among the most rugged in the industry and will serve you for years before you think of a replacement.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great value for money
  • The long handle helps reduce the cutting effort
  • Sturdy design

PNBO 8-Inch Manual Metal Hand Shear

With an 8-inch sheer capacity, you can do much with the PNBO manual metal hand shear. The machine can comfortably cut 12mm thick steel bars and 6mm thick steel plates. The cutting range is wide enough, making the tool a common sighting across numerous construction sites.

With solid construction, you can be sure that the PNBO manual hand shear will serve you for years. If you don’t use it often, you might only make a single purchase in your lifetime! The frame is made from top-notch steel to ensure efficiency and safety in operation. The cutting blade is made from reinforced steel to maintain an optimal working status for long.

Since you’ll be using force to cut through metal sheets and rods, the PNBO metal hand shear is equipped with a long steel rod to help with that. You’ll need to apply minimal pressure, and the blade will finish all the work.

The PNBO metal shear is a flexible tool and can also be used on a bench to achieve increased stability and precision.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great shear capacity
  • Solid steel frame
  • Long steel frame for easy cutting
  • The tool is flexible

BEAMNOVA 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Metal Hand Shear

If you have some light metal sheet-cutting work, you can always opt for a tool that will give you the needed service. The Beamnova heavy-duty metal hand shear has a six-inch cutting capacity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for professional metal shearing. However, its limited shearing capacity will be perfect for lighter tasks.

To achieve higher precision, the Beamnova heavy-duty metal shear has an adjustable design and a work hold-down profile for the same. Again, its top blade is arched to help you slice effortlessly through the stroke. That makes work easier and faster to complete.

Beamnova has made it easy for everyone to operate the tool by including an extra-long steel frame to help exert the required force to cut. Workers suffering from backpains will find this tool more relaxing and fun.

You shouldn’t worry about the longevity of the Beamnova metal hand shears. It has a rugged steel construction that increases its working stability and lifespan. Yes, you won’t purchase another metal hand shear soon!

The Beamnova metal hand shear is not only used in construction. It can cut through any steel sheets or rods, provided they’re of the correct thickness.

Reasons to Buy

  • Versatile
  • Great hardened steel construction
  • Easy to use and adjust

VEVOR 5-Inch Manual Metal Hand Shear

VEVOR is praised for its industry-grade tools, and the 5-inch metal hand shear is one of them. It has a solid steel frame to ensure security and comfort when cutting steel metal sheets. The blades are made from a hardened Carbon-steel component to maintain a sharp profile even after heavy use.

To help you with steel sheet cutting, the VEVOR metal hand shear has a long frame that increases your leverage as you apply pressure, so you cut quickly. The long lever helps save effort. Using the tool is pretty straightforward. You need to secure the metal sheet/rod in the blade and apply pressure on the steel frame.

heavy duty construction on the VEVOR metal hand shear

An adjustment point at the blade will help with general operations and adjustments. The VEVOR 5-inch metal shear is a versatile tool used in any industry that involves cutting metal sheets and rods.

Reasons to Buy

  • Reputable seller
  • Durable construction
  • A long steel frame helps to reduce the effort required to cut steel sheets and rods.
  • Easy to use

Different Types of Metal Hand Shears

There are five different types of metal hand shears. Here’s a breakdown of each.

Alligator Shear

The alligator shear is also referred to as a crocodile shear. It is hydraulic-powered and used to cut through long metal stocks. The cutting action is ignited by a piston that extends from the hydraulic pressure during operation. The upper jaw then closes and cuts the piece of metal you’ve secured down there.

Bench Shear

Bench metal shears are mostly powered pneumatically or by hydraulic action. Here’s where we meet hand metal shears. However, newer bench shear models are powered by electricity and have a high output.

Larger metal bench shears are resistant to material thickness. Again, they are preferred over alligator shears because they produce cleaner cuts.

Throatless Shear

Throatless shears produce intricate patterns where the cut metal needs to have complex curves. They don’t have a throat, meaning you can place the metal freely and perform the cutting. Nonetheless, you can make straight, irregular, or round patterns with a throatless shear.


Snips are used to cut thin metal sheets. They are hand-operated, and tinier forms will resemble a pair of scissors.

What Should You Look For When Buying a Metal Hand Shear?

  • Durability – Check what other customers say about the metal hand shear before purchasing. If you’re constantly working with the tool, ensure it can withstand more than a year of full-time service. If you’re an extremely light user, you don’t need to worry, as it will last long.
  • Quality – Quality almost goes together with durability. However, the quality implies the tool’s capability to produce clean work. It needs to be made from a rugged construction that will make it easy to cut through substantial metal sheets and rods.
  • Features – Check the material you’ll be cutting and see if your preferred metal hand shear has the needed requirements. Pick out the metal hand shear that can comfortably operate on a wide range of metal sheets.

FAQs about Metal Hand Shears

Are metal hand shears worth it?

Metal hand shears are definitely worth the investment. They are constructed from hardened steel and can be used in numerous industries. You can use your metal shears to help with roofing or automotive repair. They are worthwhile investments.

What materials can metal hand shears cut?

Metal hand shears are designed to cut through metal only. You risk damaging the shear blade if you cut rocks or other substances apart from metal.

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