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A hot tub handrail seems to be a great idea, especially when there’s much water freezing and pooling around the hot tub during winter. After a long warm soak, when your legs become wobbly, and your feet are wet, exiting the hot tub can become difficult.

In such cases, a durable handrail is great for preventing falls. Does getting a hot tub handrail excites you? Or are you planning to invest in a high-quality one? If yes, you have reached the right place. Stay with us as we shed light on the essentials of getting the best hot tub handrail for your home.

List of Top 5 Hot Tub Handrails

Here are the top five hot tub handrails that are grabbing the limelight in 2023:

1.    VEVOR Hot Tub Handrail

This 57″ spa side handrail with slide-under mount base is all you need for your home. It offers an impressive weighing capacity of 600 LBS. This unique handrail has a triangle bracket and a sturdy base to enter and exit the hot tub easily.

Moreover, the spa side handrail also has LED lighting to make it easy to use indoors. An innovative 360° rotation feature helps you adjust the railing conveniently at different heights, like 29.13″ / 74 cm or 55.71″ / 141.5 cm.

Features and Performance

Premium Iron Rail: This handrail is composed of heavy-duty iron material. The baked-on powder finish safeguards it from corrosion or rust for longer.

Forested and Skid-proof Design: The 8″ solid rubber grip and matte finish minimize the risk of the wet hand slipping.

Wide Application and Easy Setup: The hexagon socket wrench and screws enable effortless self-assembling of the handrail. This feature makes it a great product for indoor and outdoor spas.  

●     Brand: VEVOR

●     Material: Iron

●     Load Capacity: 600 lbs

●     Handrail Size: 18.9 x 55.7” / 48 x 141.5 cm (L x H)

●     Product Weight: 16.5 kg

●     Plate Thickness: 0.08″ / 0.2 cm


●     This handrail offers a great ergonomic skid-proof grip

●     It is a great product that offers supreme safety

●     It is an easy-to-install handrail

●     The powder-coated iron handrail is durable and sturdy.

●     It can handle a weight of up to 600 lbs.

●     The rail lock knob design allows the handle to move 360°

2. IHAYNER Hot Tub Handrail

This 56 x 19-inch spa side handrail is one of a kind. It has all the features that a modern-day railing should possess. This handrail is made from premium heavy iron and has rubber sleeves to prevent slippage and enhance friction.

Features and Performance

Strong Bearing Capacity: This amazing hot tub handrail can bear a maximum load of 600 lbs, ensuring utmost safety in entering and exiting the bathtub.

Premium Iron Material: The handrail is made of premium heavy iron. Moreover, its baking paint makes it corrosion and rust-resistant.

●     Brand: IHAYNER

●     Material: Rubber

●     Item Dimensions: 19.69 x 7.87 x 55.15 inches

●     Finish Type: Powder Coated

●     Load Capacity: 600 lbs/280 kg

●     Product Weight: 36.37 lbs/16.5 kg


●     This product is great for hot springs, hot tubs, spas, and solariums.

●     It also has a large triangle bracket for safe entry and exit.

3. Migoda Spa Side Handrail

This 57″ hot tub handrail has a slide-under mounting base. Made from heavy iron material, it can withstand up to 600 lbs effectively. It also has an anti-slip sponge rubber grip for a safe spa experience.

Features and Performance

Variable Angle and Height: This handrail comes in two heights of 141.5 cm / 55.71″ or 74 cm / 29.31″. Moreover, it also has a large, stable, portable triangle bracket and a rail lock knob with 360° rotation.

Easy to Install: This handrail is super easy to install and suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

●     Brand: Migoda

●     Material: Iron and powder coated

●     Product Weight: 16. 5 kg / 36.37 lbs

●     Load Capacity: 280 kg / 600 lbs

●     Product Size: 18.9 x 55.71” / 48 x 141.5 cm (L x H)

●     Plate Thickness: 0.08″ / 0.2 cm


●     It is an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain handrail.

●     It also has a rotatable and adjustable rail lock knob.

4. Saftron Polymer In-Ground Pool and Spa Floor Handrail

This durable handrail ensures your in-ground hot tub’s safe entering and exiting. It is a single post SF-24 spa rail that is perfectly safe for low-side spas. In addition, the Saftron spa handrail is immune to the tarnishing effects of chlorine and salt water.

Features and Performance

Stylish Handrail: It is an elegant handrail with a professional finish and looks. Its color is expected to remain intact for a longer time.

Easy to Install: This handrail is super easy to install. You can fit it easily without any technical assistance. However, you should still consider going for a professional to ensure perfect installation and 100% safety.

●     Brand: Saftron

●     Material: Iron

●     Weight: 6.89 lbs


●     It is an affordable handrail

●     This handrail ensures optimum safety for the users

5. Guardian Better Hot Tub Handrail

It is one of the easiest-to-install, most durable, and best-built handrails ever offered. Its top rail section locks into four directions for easy entry or exit. Moreover, the slide under the base has a thick steel plate with extra length for high durability.

Features and Performance

Long Service Life: This handrail has a double-baked-on powder-coated graphite gray finish, ensuring longer service life.

Easy Access: Unlike other handrails, the rail lock knob of this handrail is designed high for easy access.

●     Brand: Guardian

●     Item Weight: 13.7 lbs

●     Finish: Powder Coated

●     Material: Steel

●     Package Dimensions: 37.5 x 34 x 11.5 inches


●     This handrail has an ergonomic design

●     It is a durable handrail, promising longer service life

Considering all the five options, the VEVOR Hot Tub Handrail comes out to be the best of all. It is an innovative option with all the advanced features a modern handrail should have. Apart from this, IHAYNER and Guardian handrails are more expensive. At the same time, Saftron and Migoda may not offer durability equivalent to VEVOR’s.

Different Types of Hot Tub Handrails


Here are the different types of hot tub handrails that you must know about:

Stainless Steel Handrails

Stainless steel handrails come with ergonomic handles to help users exit the tub easily. These handrails usually have anti-slip rubber handles for a stronger grip and higher efficiency. You can find these handrails in hotels and spa hot tubs.

Plastic Handrails

Plastic handrails are suitable for smaller hot tubs that children usually use. These handrails are soft when touched and have matte finish handles for a better grip. However, please note that plastic handrails are not as durable as stainless-steel ones. Therefore, if you plan to get a handrail for your home’s hot tub, ensure you pick a more durable and reliable one.

Nylon Handrails

Nylon handrails have a 5 mm thick nylon sleeve. It offers an inner corrosion-resistant core throughout. This type of handrail is non-porous, warm to touch, and easy to clean. Nylon handrails are usually installed in residential care homes and hospitals for high durability and stability.

What Should You Look for When Buying Hot Tub Handrails?


Here are the top features you need to tick before you buy a hot tub handrail:

Durability: You should always select a reputed brand that offers durable hot tub handrails. For instance, VEVOR’s Hot Tub Handrails are made from heavy-duty iron material. Moreover, the baked-on powder finish safeguards it from corrosion or rust for longer.

Price: Experts recommend selecting a handrail that offers advanced features at reasonable prices. The product should offer effective functionality and safety in a cost-effective price range.

Brand Reputation: Handrails are a crucial part of your safety and well-being. Therefore, ensure you always choose a brand that is known to offer reliable handrails in the market.

Are Hot Tub Handrails Worth it?


Handrails are great when it comes to using hot tubs in all seasons. They are also a great tool that ensures 100% safety while entering and exiting the tub. Moreover, handrails come in different sizes and materials, allowing you to pick the best ones for your home.

Besides safety, handrails also enhance the beauty of the space, making it more accessible. Right from kids to senior citizens, everyone can use handrails with ease. It plays a vital role in preventing unfortunate accidents. All these things make hot tub handrails worth the investment.

FAQs About Hot Tub Handrails

Q. Should you install a handrail along a hot tub?

Yes. You should install a handrail along your hot tub. It ensures a safe entry into and exit from the hot tub.

Q. Which is the best hot tub handrail?

The VEVOR hot tub handrail is the best handrail so far. It has all the safety features and offers impressive durability at an affordable price.

Q. Which is the best thickness of a hot tub handrail?

Experts recommend going for a handrail with a thickness of 12″ to 24 inches. This range ensures a safe and solid grip for all age groups.

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