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Watches can be lifesavers! Besides being such excellent compliments to your dressing, think of how important they can be to professionals like divers, surgeons, or pilots. Everything revolves around time, and watches help us keep and use it even better.

That said, watches are delicate, and everyone would love always to keep theirs in optimal working conditions. We have professionals who will help you stitch up your watch after it goes bad, but you can always do it on your own and save the extra bucks. Due to the tiny nature of the constituent parts of a watch, it’s essential to always have the proper tools before working on them.

A watch press tool kit is a must-have for watch enthusiasts and collectors. However, if you need to repair your watch, you must have one at your convenience. The watch repair tool kit contains all the essential tools you need to adjust your watch, and if you complement that with little knowledge of the art, you could even be repairing watches for your friends or start doing it for some cash.

Watch press tools are different. A basic kit is enough to get you through if you need to work on ordinary watches. However, you’ll need a higher-quality press tool dealing with more expensive watches. That’s because they tend to come with tinier and more pieces than the ordinary and therefore require more operational precision.

The Best watch press tool kits in the market in 2023

VEVOR Watch Press Tool With 20 Dies

VEVOR is the undisputed king of watchmaker tools. For that reason, the brand is a favorite among watchmakers and professionals. VEVOR is on a stock-clearance program for this piece, so you must hurry before stocks run out!

The VEVOR watch press tool is made from a rugged aluminum steel alloy that ensures the longevity of all parts. The steel construction prevents corrosion, rusting, and oxidation, increasing the kit’s resistance to wear.

With an easy-to-use design, the VEVOR watch repair tool kit will help you get along quickly. Moreover, you can use it to press even the highest-quality and waterproof watches. That is down to the kit’s efficiency and ability to press the watch crystals without risking clamping on the watch and your hands.

Watch repairs, and general operations have not been easier than when using the VEVOR watch press tool kit. The kit gives you total control over your pressure, making it easy to fit any crystals or the case back precisely.

If you’re an enthusiast or professional and will be working with numerous watches, you don’t need to carry along numerous kits. The VEVOR watch press tool kit has 20 assorted dies for watches of all sizes so that you can work from a single station. Again, it helps you perform all operations, from adjusting your straps to changing the battery and other sophisticated operations.

VEVOR's 20 assorted dies

Reasons to Buy

  • 20 assorted dies enable you to work with watches of ANY size
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Rugged design
  • Highly efficient watch press tool kit
  • Wide application

Vastar Professional Watch Repair Tool Kit

The Vastar watch press tool is among the most-equipped tool kits in the market. It has 177 pieces that will enable you to perform general or professional repair tasks efficiently. Ideally, professionals don’t need any more equipment than this kit can provide.

An operational manual accompanies the Vastar professional watch repair kit to help you get along. Even if you might not be a professional watch dealer, the Vastar kit will enable you to perform any tasks effectively; you’ll be able to open the watch’s back comfortably, adjust the wristbands, change gaskets, batteries, and more.

If you’d love to have fun while working on your watch, you can trust the Vastar watch press tool kit right from disassembly to assembly. Again, the repair equipment is made from a quality steel alloy, and professionals love it for its longevity.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable construction
  • It has 177 pieces for watches of all sizes
  • Easy-to-use design + user manual
  • Great Value for Money

Eventronic Watch Press Tool Kit with Carrying Case

The Eventronic watch press tool kit is versatile and great for professionals and watch enthusiasts. The 2017-launched company has since occupied top sales across Europe and has proved to be a professional favorite in the past five years. The Eventronic watch kit has the correct assortment of tools to help you solve any watch problems or assist in basic watch-cleaning procedures.

The watch press tool kit has an easy-to-use design that will help even novice watch repair enthusiasts get around the most common tasks. With its simple case knife, you can conveniently open any watch back and perform simple operations like a battery change.

Its precision screwdriver can be used for numerous tasks, including conducting eyewear, electronics, or jewelry repair. Moreover, the tool kit’s components are made from rugged material to ensure longevity in service.

Unlike the VEVOR watch press tool, you get 12 dies on the Eventronic. The former has 20. However, you’ll be able to operate the most famous watch sizes. With a snap-on design, your dies will snap off and on quickly and save you a lot of time. Again, the dies are accompanied by quality compression springs that ensure long service life.

Moreover, you’ll benefit from the quality glass cloth and a carrying bag that comes in handy. Yes, the Eventronic Watch press tool kit comes with a brown portable nylon bag that eases portability and ensures the safety of the kit’s constituents.

Reasons to Buy

  • 12 dies to help you repair almost all-sized watches.
  • Durable Design.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy-to-carry storage unit.

XOOL 210PCS Watch Press Tool Kit

The multi-purpose XOOL watch repair tool kit has three categories depending on its size. The smallest one consists of 45 pieces, while the medium package has 151. Both are useful, but the largest, with 210 pieces, has, over time, proven to be more versatile. As a result, professionals will prefer and recommend the latter.

The XOOL watch press tool is a versatile collection that will help you with all watch repair procedures, starting with the most basic. With it, you can remove or change the strap chain size, remove the watch cover and change batteries, wipe the dust off your watch, and more.

Carrying around the XOOL watch press tool kit has been made easy by including a zipper bag with the unit. You can comfortably carry the kit and the watch somewhere where you can repair it at your own pace. Again, the package is light; therefore, you can carry it for long periods.

All the press tool kit components are rust-proof, rugged, and suitable for long-term operation. You also get an instructions manual if you need to learn how to repair watches.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great quality.
  • It comes with an instructions manual.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • 210 pieces allow for versatility.

BYNIIUR Watch Press Tool Repair Kit

The BYNIIUR watch press kit has 155 pieces, making it a solid choice for professional use. That is because the kit has pieces to repair most watch sizes in the market.

The multifunction deluxe watch repair kit has all the standard tools you’ll need to perform repairs of any complexity. There’s a pin punch, extra-large 3-point case opener, spring bar removal tool, pliers, hammers, five screwdrivers, case pry, tweezers, and a watch band link remover, among other tools.

One of the unique features of the BYNIIUR watch press tool kit is the extra-large watch case remover. Most watch repair kits don’t include it, making opening bigger watches challenging.

All BYNIIUR watch tool kit materials are made from hardened 304 stainless steel, which is also durable. Again, everything is easy to use.

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid construction
  • 155-pieces set
  • It has an XL watch wrench case opener.

What Should You Look For When Buying a Watch Press Tool Kit (Different Types)

Watch press tool kits will help you perform regular watch repair procedures efficiently. When shopping for one, you’ll notice that the tool kits don’t necessarily have distinct types. Nonetheless, their differences strike in with the different components the kit has.

Here are the essential tools you expect to see on a watch press tool kit.

  • A spring bar tool
  • A watch back case opener
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Watch-loupe
  • Link remover
  • Watchmaker’s hammer
  • Nylon dies

Watch press tool in action

FAQs about Watch Press Tools

Are Watch Press Tools Worth it?

Yes! If you’re a watch enthusiast, you have numerous pieces and some expensive favorites! If any of them goes bad and you need to crack it open and diagnose whatever problem, using the wrong tools will do more bad than good. However, if you’re lucky to have your watch press tool kit, you’ll put the watch apart and perform the repair without destroying anything. Didn’t you save the cash you’d have used at your local repair station?

Are there special tools to open the back casing of a watch?

Yes. A case wrench will help you open your watch’s back casing. That will help you perform simple repair practices like changing the battery.

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