Choosing the Right Jerry Fuel Can for Your Fuel Storage Needs


Why do I need to use a jerry can?

A jerry can may just look like a tank which costs a little more money but they’re designed specifically to keep the fuel stable and safe. They need to be robust enough not to start leaking if you drop them for a start which is why they’re made from steel or tough polyethylene.

They also have to seal properly so that the fuel vapour doesn’t escape and pose a massive fire risk. This is why most have reinforced screw caps with locks to keep the fuel sealed. Fuel is also very reactive which means the jerrycans are designed to be resistant to reacting to the fuel.

jerry fuel can

Different types of 20l Jerry Gas Can

The 20l Jerry Gas Can can be classified into types based on materials.

There are two types of 20l gas can jerry containers based on material.

● Plastic Material: This jerry can is built with plastic materials. They are safe, reliable, and durable like their counterparts.

● Metallic Materials: These jerry cans are made with very flexible metal. It is made of iron sheets and does not radiate any emission. It is safe, durable and reliable for usage, just like its other counterpart.

List of Top 5 20l Jerry Gas Can

1. VEVOR Jerry Fuel Can

VEVOR jerry fuel can


Simple Moving & Storage: The VEVOR Jerry Fuel Can, 5.3 Gallon / 20 L Portable Jerry Gas Can tops the list with this amazing feature. The fuel can’s dimensions are 13.6 X 6.7 X 18.5 (L x W x H), which makes it a compact cuboid. With three handles, it is simple to carry and can be lifted by two people for refueling.

VEVOR jerry fuel can size

Secure Airtight Seal: This jerry can’s oil mouth is tightly sealed by a special cap that keeps air from escaping, and it’s further secured by a locking pin that prevents accidental opening. Simply physically remove the pin as necessary to quickly open the cap.

secure airtight capabilities

Outstanding Steel Can: Plastic gasoline tanks are delicate and easily pierced or shattered by accident, letting the oil spill out into the environment. To ensure much safer & longer use, VEVOR used heavy-duty rustproof steel for the primary framework.

military grade steel can

Pros and Reasons to Buy:

Every Drop Has a Flexible Nozzle: It gives the user a 12-inch nozzle/300mm long flexible spout that easily bends to any angle, unlike some short nozzles on the market that are inflexible. With the help of the dispenser mechanism, a user can quickly refuel their car by pouring petrol at a high flow rate.

Fill up whenever: Still waiting in a lengthy line for gas? Because you ran out of petrol, did you have to push your car? The best thing to stop those things from happening is this VEVOR 20l gas can jerry can. Keep 5 gallons of petrol on hand to get you where you’re going. Never run out of petrol in the middle of a trip once you store this Jerry can in the trunk.

Portable Style: This fuel tank has ergonomic handles that allow for easy two-person lifting for quick refueling. Its small size of 13.6′′ X 6.7′′ X 18.5′′ (L x W x H) makes it the perfect container for holding a lot of oil. Additionally, it occupies little to no room in your automobile.

2. AMZOSS 20L 5 Gallon Metal Gas Can Green


Superior Cold-rolled Plate: The high-quality cold-rolled steel body and cleanly welded seal joints used in the construction of this fuel can guarantee its dependability and longevity.

High-quality: Leak-proof, safety lock on the spout, anti-corrosive coating on the interior and outside are made of superior steel. Give the user guarantee of security for EPA and CARB Approved.

Pros and reasons to Buy:

Lightweight and Handling-Friendly: When empty, each of this can is a manageable 13.78″ x 6.5″ x 17.91″ and weighs only 6.6 lbs, so it doesn’t take up much room and is simple to store.

Carrying Handle for Less Work: Three handles are provided on the gas can, which two people can hold to reduce labor costs when lifting the tank.

3. ARCTICSCORPION Upgraded Gas Can, 5L/1.3 Gallon Mountable Motorcycle Gas Can


Locked Mount Bracket with Key: The portable gasoline can includes a mounting bracket, lock, and key. It can be mounted to a flat surface or up to 1.24 in. of tubing or frames. Ideal for frame rails or motorbike racks. Its distinctive design avoids loss, enhancing convenience and safety.

Upgraded Press-on Design Cap & Snap-in Spout: The snap-in spout design can provide an automatic closing mechanism to reduce excessive gas loss, unlike typical gas can spouts. The press-on cap offers better safety because it seals more effectively than regular caps. Your security is doubled thanks to double protection.

Pros and Reasons to Buy:

Superior Materials: Made of UV-resistant, anti-static, anti-rust high-density polyethylene plastic. This gas can also surpasses the standards set by the EPA and the California Air Resource Board (CARB) for portable fuel containers.

Impact resistance and high-pressure resistance: Unique through-hole construction boosts the object’s compressive strength and tensile tension; thickened 5 mm inner walls and 6 mm welding offer further strength; the object is high-pressure resistant and impact safe; the object is still intact even if dropped from a height.

Broad Application & Excellent Service: This is appropriate for motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, SUVs, trailers, dirt bikes, etc. The gas can is easier to carry and takes up less room.

4. Goplus 20 Liter (5 Gallon) Jerry Fuel Can with Flexible Spout


Conquer the explosion-proof test: The fuel can is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting since it is constructed of premium steel and superior coatings. Provide the user with EPA and CARB security guarantee explosion-proof and approved

Large 5 Gallon Capacity: The fuel can’s dimensions—14.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 18 inches (L x W x H)—make it ideal for mounting on a vehicle and serving as a backup fuel source throughout a trip. You have adequate endurance thanks to the enormous 5 gallons (20L) capacity.

Fueltight Insurance Pin: The fuel tank cap will be securely locked by the robust bayonet clasp to prevent leaks or spills of gasoline. When the latch is fixed with the help of the lock pin, the can is not only simple to open in an emergency but also effectively shielded from being opened by accident while being driven.

Pros and Reasons To Buy:

Unique Air Breather & Spout System: Whether on the road or in the wilderness, users can rapidly refuel the gasoline tank thanks to an additional spout system with extension tubing.

Authentic Material Selection: The fuel can is composed of a premium cold-rolled steel plate and has fine welding and sealing techniques for exceptional robustness and longevity. You don’t need to be concerned that a collision during off-road driving would dent or damage the tank.

5. Alamanda Stainless Steel Gas Cans for Gasoline US Standard Plate Emergency Petrol Diesel Can Metal Gasoline Bucket with Flexible Spout


Steel air valve made of stainless: Rapid oil output, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust

Filtered oil guide tube: Filter bigger pollutants and alien objects successfully

Round cover made of thick stainless steel that is non slip: Stunning mesh anti-slip design that is simple to unscrew

Oil guide pipe with filters: Oil guide pipe with a built-in aluminum head filter that is lightweight and portable (no funnel required)

Pros and Reason To Buy:

Easy to Use: The three-handle design gives the user a greater force point while using this bucket alone or with a partner.

Durable: An exhaust vent to balance the internal and external pressure, enhance safety performance, hasten the delivery of oil, and lessen the pressure of air on the barrel.

Convenient: Gear-shaped cover with double use and a strong seal. The back has a flexible fuel pipe, so it doesn’t need to be positioned separately and is difficult to lose, while the front can filter gasoline.

VEVOR Jerry Gas Can, 5.3 Gallon / 20 L Portable Jerry Gas Can seems like a good option after examining all the 20l Jerry Gas Can. The best brand is one that guarantees quality; They used heavy-duty rustproof steel for the primary framework.It also has three quality handles for assistance if one person is unable to lift the item when it is full, and charges reasonable prices. Additionally, The VEVOR product features a special cap that prevents air from escaping and a locking pin that prevents accidental opening.

What should I look for when buying the 20l gas can jerry can?

Type of Jerry can: In choosing the best kind of jerry can, you must consider the liquid stored in the container. For diesel, paints and gasoline, the metallic can is advisable to buy while the plastic can is suitable for water, petrol, oil etc. Metal has a higher tendency to react with the liquid stored in it. If it is an edible liquid, it might change the taste of the content. So, getting a plastic can for an edible liquid content is advisable.

sturdy and robust fuel jerry can

The gas or jerry can lid: The seal of a jerry can must be very firm and tight. VEVOR brand ensures this quality strongly in their VEVOR Jerry Fuel Can, 5.3 Gallon / 20 L Portable Jerry Gas Can. This is to avoid interaction of the liquid with entities in the atmosphere, which might cause a change to the liquid stored in the can container.

The amount of liquid: The amount of liquid should also determine the size of the Jerry can to go for. The size of the Jerry can should match the amount of liquid you often keep.

Are 20l Jerry Gas Cans worth it?

Yes! A 20l gas can jerry can is affordable, budget-friendly, and worth its money. A 20l can can carry over 16kg of unleaded gas and 18 kg of diesel. This is a fair amount of liquid quantity for a 20l gas can jerry can quantity level.

Moreso, A brand like VEVOR used quality materials to make their 20l gas can jerry can. It is durable, safe, and reliable. Hence, generally, it is considered safe for human use.

portable and space saving jerry can

FAQs About Jerry Gas Can

1. Which brand of 20l Jerry Gas Can would be the best to purchase?

The VEVOR Jerry Fuel Can, 5.3 Gallon / 20 L Portable Jerry Gas Can would be best because of its dependability, affordability, and all-around comfort.

2. How much does 20l of gas can weigh when full?

When fully loaded (gross weight approximately 25 kg). Jerry Can has an advantage over steel cans in that it can endure a drop of 2.5 meters onto concrete without leaking or rupturing.

3. Do you have room in your automobile for a full jerry can?

Yes, it’s permitted. The filling of portable fuel cans may be subject to municipal regulations at some filling stations. These regulations may govern the size and number of cans that may be filled.

4. Where is the best place to store a fuel can?

Extra fuel should be stored in a well-ventilated garage or shed. You shouldn’t store gasoline in your house, no matter what kind of can it’s in. It’s also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher nearby, because no one wants to be known as the “Safety Third” neighbor. Keep in mind that fuel cans are color-coded, so don’t ever mix them up. Red is for gasoline, yellow is for diesel, blue is for kerosene, and green is for oils

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