An Ultimate Guide for Cleaning Flat Top Grill: Best Practices for a Spotless Cooking Surface


Griddles can provide years of service with proper cleaning, seasoning, and maintenance. A dirty flat top grill poses food safety risks and leads to quick wearing off the grill. Additionally, a dirty cooking surface may not contaminate the food but may compromise or alter the food’s flavor and taste. Let’s discuss how to clean a flat top grill and the best way to clean a griddle.

An Overview of Cleaning Flat Top Grill

Safety Precautions

Before you start the grill cleaning process, you must first observe all the safety precautions. Here are the safety precautions you should follow.

1. Disconnect the commercial electric griddle from the power source to avoid electricity accidents.

2. Make sure the flat top grill has completely cooled off before initiating the cleaning process.

3. Wear protective gloves when handling the hot stainless steel surface and cleaning chemicals.

4. Carry out the cleaning processes in a well-ventilated space to avoid inhalation of the chemicals in the cleaning solution.

5. Read the use and cleaning instructions of the cleaning solution to avoid any accidents

6. Do not use abrasive tools that will leave the flat top grill cooking surface with scratches.

7. Keep pets and children away from the cleaning area to prevent accidents.

Tools and Cleaning Supplies for Cleaning the Surface of the Grill

You will need the following tools and cleaning supplies for deep cleaning your flat top grill.

1. A Grill Brush– The brush should have stiff bristles to remove food debris effectively.

2. A Grill Scraper or Metal Spatula- You will need a strong grill scraper or a metal spatula to scrape off food debris and grease from the surface of the grill.

3. A Cleaning Solution- The most suitable cleaning solution for a flat top grill is ordinary dish soap. Otherwise, use a cleaning solution that is recommended for use on metals. Cleaning griddle with harsh chemicals will strip it away and expose it to rust.

4. Protective Gloves- You should protect your hands from heat and chemical damage during the cleaning process.

5. Paper Towels and Cloth – You will need paper towels or microfiber cloths for wiping cleaning solution and grease from the cooking surface.

6. A Bucket– You will need a bucket for holding the dish soap cleaning solution and water.

7. Hot Water- Hot water is essential for cleaning griddle. It softens the food particles and grease, making it easy to clean off.

8. Plastic Scraper– The plastic scraper helps to gently scrub away remaining food particles without scratching the cooking surface.

9. Vegetable Oil or Seasoning Product– Once you are done cleaning, use vegetable oil to season the griddle.

A Step-by-Step Process: How to Clean a Griddle Grill

Start by preparing the flat top grill for deep cleaning.

how to clean a griddle grill

1. Heat the Grill

Start by heating the flat top grill for a few minutes. Heating loosens the leftover food debris and grease build-up, making it easy to remove.

2. Use the Scraper to Remove the Food Particles

Put on the heat-protective gloves and use the grill scrape to remove any leftover food and grease build-up from the cooking surface.

3. Splash Hot Water Over the Grill

Pour hot water over the grill to loosen the stuck food and grease build-up as the flat top grill continues to heat. Use the scraper to continue removing the food particles. The best way to clean flat top grill is by using the dish soap solution to wash the grill. Ensure the entire grill is covered with a generous amount of cleaning solution. Use the brush to clean all over the grill, paying attention to places with build-up, food particles, and stains.

Rinse off with hot water. Use paper towels to wipe off excess water and cleaning solutions. You can repeat the process if the food particles or grease build-up does not come off.

4. Allow the Grill to Cool Down

Turn off the heat to allow the grill to cool down. Pour a few tablespoons of vegetable oil over the cooking surface. Use the paper towels to spread thin layers over the flat top grill.

5. Season the Grill

Once you are done with deep cleaning the flat top grill, remember to season it with vegetable oil or cast-iron conditioner.  

You can watch how to clean griddle grill here:

Steps for Seasoning Your Griddle

The next step after deep cleaning the flat top grill is seasoning. Seasoning helps maintain the non-stick surface, prevents rust, and enhances the food flavor. Here are steps for seasoning an electric flat top griddle:

steps for seasoning your griddle

1. Heat the Grill– Heat the griddle at a high temperature to allow the seasoning to penetrate the surface of the grill.

2. Apply Vegetable Oil on the Surface– Pour a few tablespoons of vegetable oil or any cooking oil of your choice on the cooking surface. Use paper towels to evenly spread the oil on the grill, including the edges and the sides.

3. Spread the Oil– Use a metal spatula or a grill scraper to spread oil on the grill surface, ensuring the coverage is even. It helps create a protective layer on the metal surface.

4. Heat the Grill– Allow the oil to heat up on the grill for about 10-15 minutes. Due to heating, the oil bonds with the metal and creates a non-stick surface.

5. Repeat the Process- Repeat the whole process up to three times. The complete seasoning is complete.

Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Griddle in Great Shape for Long

With proper routine cleaning and maintenance, your flat top grill will last for a long and maintain the great taste of all your meals. Here are tips on best way to clean flat top grill and maintain your commercial griddle.

1. Always clean the grill after each use to prevent grease and food debris from building up and making it hard to remove. Refer to the tips above on how to clean flat top grill.

2. Scrape the surface of the grill regularly to remove excess oil and food particles. It makes the cleaning process much more manageable.

3. Clean a flat top grill and store it in a cool, dry place. If you are not using it for a long time, cover it with a clean sheet of cloth to prevent dust from settling.

4. Remember to season the griddle regularly. It prevents rust and makes it non-stick.

5. Use the right cleaning tools for cleaning griddle. Avoid cleaning flat top grill with harsh chemicals and abrasive tools to prevent stripping it away and causing damage. The best way to clean griddle is by using mild dish soap and non-abrasive tools such as brushes, plastic scrapers, paper towels, and fiber clothing.

6. During routine cleaning, remember to clean the drip tray and the excess oil trap. Leaving it uncleaned can be a potential fire hazard.

Are You Looking for The Best Easy to Maintain Flat Top Grills?

Here are some of the highly efficient flat top grills in the market, easy to clean, season, maintain, and store.

1. VEVOR Flat Top Griddle Grill 32″ x 17″

The VEVOR stainless steel commercial flat top grill electric is a large versatile griddle that allows you to prepare all kinds of meals at the same time. It is portable, allowing you to use it for outdoor activities such as camping or boating.

vevor flat top griddle grill


  • Stainless Steel Grill- The grill is made with high-quality stainless steel with cast iron burners. The quality of the build in the whole grill is durable, sturdy, and capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • A Large Cooking Surface– The flat top grill measures 32”x17” to allow you to cook various types of meals simultaneously.
  • Convenient to Move and Store- The grill has side handles for easy portability. All the stands are removable to allow for easy storage.
  • Versatile– The electric flat top grill allows you to cook different types of meals simultaneously. Additionally, due to its portable nature, you can use it indoors and outdoors.

2. VEVOR Commercial Griddle, 36’’

The multi-functional electric commercial griddle allows you to prepare all your favorite dishes outdoors. The foldable design and in-built wheels allow for easy portability for uses such as camping and outdoor parties.

vevor commercial griddle


  • Convenient and Portable- The commercial griddle is a foldable tabletop serving as both storage space and cover. It has in-built wheels for easy movement. You can use it indoors and outdoors for camping, picnics, and parties.
  • High-Quality Durable Material- The flat top grill is made with hot-rolled steel for durability. It is pre-seasoned with a layer of vegetable oil to prevent rust and ensure durability. The burners are made with high-quality stainless steel capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • Convenient Cooking- The electric commercial grill features a large 36” grill plate with 4-H burners to enable you to cook different types of meals all at once. The four burners allow temperature control in different zones, giving you a diverse cooking experience.
  • User-Friendly- It features a user-friendly design that makes cooking easy and enjoyable. It has drip holes for draining excess oil and juices for easy cooking and cleaning. Also, it features a one-touch ignition to ensure safe and simple cooking.

3. VEVOR 29″ Commercial Electric Griddle

The 29’’ commercial electric griddle is suitable for home and commercial use. The large griddle allows you to prepare different types of food, thus saving you time. It is easy to use with precise heating controls.

vevor commercial electric griddle 29


  • Large Cooking Surface– The commercial electric griddle is made of high-quality stainless steel non-stick and cast iron cooking surface. The large cooking surface allows for the simultaneous cooking of different meals.
  • Precise Heating Control– You can control and adjust the temperature to allow you to cook different meals.
  • Easy to Use– The indoor flat top grill is easy to clean. It comes with cleaning brushes and shovels to make cleaning easy.
  • Versatile– Allows you to prepare nearly all types of meals, such as fried dishes, rich breakfast, crispy bacon, steak, omelets, pizza, etc.


If you want to maintain the longevity and best cooking results of your electric commercial grill, you must learn how to clean flat top grill and seasoning techniques. The best way to clean flat top grill is by creating a routine cleaning after using it.

Start by scraping off grease build-up and food debris, use mild cleaning solutions or dish soap, and remember to season. Refer to the above-discussed tips for proper cleaning, seasoning, maintenance, and storage of your flat top grill.

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