How to Choose the Best Camera for Plumbing Pipes? Your Comprehensive Guide


There are a lot of inspection cameras for plumbing pipes in the market. It, therefore, is taxing to know which one is best for you, especially if you’re a newbie. Unfortunately, even savvy buyers end up with the wrong inspection cameras sometimes when they lack in-depth knowledge about these extremely important machines. Good enough, you don’t need much to get this knowledge because this article has got you.

By the end of this article, you’ll have known all the must-have features of an inspection camera, how to operate it, and the best cameras in the global market.But before much ado, you might be wondering what a camera for plumbing pipes is

In simple terms, a plumbing camera is a special type of camera that plumbers use to keep track of the state of out-of-reach pipes in real-time. The cameras are linked to a screen that displays the images captured by the camera. Plumbers use these powerful cameras to detect any damages or clogs in pipes and sewer systems.Here’s more about these powerful instruments.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Camera for Plumbing Pipes

Theere are a few features that an inspection camera must have to be termed good. Here’s what you should look for:

1. Waterproof

The first ever feature to look out for is whether the camera works even in the presence of water. Since it’s going to be within pipes that mostly transport water and other fluids, this feature is extremely important for any successful contract.

2. Illumination option

No one can see within pipes wired into a building, not even a camera that doesn’t have an illumination option. The work is going to be so hard when you need to inspect the dark parts of the pipe.

That’s why a camera with an illumination option is going to be your sole choice so it can light up and capture the dark parts of the pipes.

3. Chemical proof

Not all pipes transport water. Others transporting sewage and other chemicals would need an inspection. Hence, a camera that’s not chemical-proof will start to degrade and eventually stop working. The light bulb too, if not chemical proof will not be able to withstand the corrosion of the chemicals. Hence, a dire need for a camera and light bulb that is chemical proof .

4. Choose the right size

A good inspection camera should be of the right width to fit into the pipe and long enough to be able to run from one end of the pipe to the other. In this way, you’ll easily find where the damage is and later be able to toss it and roll it out. Hence, the length should be a few feet longer than the pipe you’re inspecting.

5. Quality image-saving monitor

good image-capturing and saving monitor will come in handy when you want to get a clear idea of where the damage is. A good monitor hub will allow you to save the images so you’re able to refer later when the need arises.

VEVOR’s Camera for Plumbing Pipes

Camera for plumbing pipes

On our radar is VEVOR’s inspection camera which has attracted amazing reviews. You’re off with a powerful camera that takes you from one repair contract to another without the need for replacement. This is all this camera has to offer:

  • Waterproof Camera

Camera for plumbing pipes

The first amazing feature of VEVOR’s inspection camera is its excellence in working underwater. The camera works very well, providing high-quality images at a whopping 65.6 ft/20m underwater without any chances of damage. With a 0.9″/23mm diameter, the pipe can easily go through most sewer pipes and perform greatly without any sticking problems. The ideal diameter combined with its string’s flexibility allows the camera to toss 360 degrees, inspecting every inch of the pipe.

Operating under such great depths of water would require great illumination and VEVOR has delivered. The camera has 12 LED bulbs that light up the pipe even in the darkest areas, allowing you to keep track of the out-of-reach areas of the pipe.

  • 9-inch Color TFT LCD Monitor

Camera for plumbing pipes

VEVOR knows just how hard it is to work with white and black images, especially in dark areas, and how much difference colored ones make. This is why it has provided a 9-inch screen, broad enough to allow you to see the clog or damage to the pipe without missing a point. The 1200TVL TFT LCD monitor provides high-quality, and high-resolution images just the way you’ll need them.

Besides, if you work on many projects at a time and would require to save images for future reference, VEVOR’s inspection camera has got you. The company adds to its package an 8 GB micro SD card as its camera has a DVR function to facilitate you when you need to refer to the images in the future without asking you for an extra payment.

  • 150ft Cable and Handy Cable Reel

Camera for plumbing pipes

With VEVOR’s inspection camera, you’re able to work on very long pipes. It comes with a cable as long as 150 feet (45.6m) which is integrated and flexible enough to run through the curves and bends of the pipe under inspection. The cable’s flexibility allows the sewage or water in the pipe to flow freely without interference. Besides, it allows the camera to move in whichever direction.

Getting this length is ideal for both long and short pipes and will allow you to smoothly remove the cable after finishing the inspection.After cleaning your tools, you’re able to organize, store, and carry them easily because of the handy cable reel that the package comes with. Its portable case has compartments where every tool is stored in its place. This makes your work very easy and you’re able to notice when a certain tool is missing.  

  • Rechargeable 12V 4500mAh Lithium Battery

Many times, you’ll be required to do outdoor sewer pipes inspections. In most of these places, getting a power supply can be hard. That’s why VEVOR added to the package a powerful battery that can help you conduct the whole inspection, no matter how intense, without worrying about its power. The 12V 4500mAh Lithium battery has between 8 and 10 hours of uptime and takes a shorter time to recharge.

Hence, you’d only need to charge this battery full a day prior to the inspection and avoid the hassle of carrying along an extra battery. Besides, the battery will not shut down and leave you stranded. It displays its current charge, allowing you to determine whether you’ll need a replacement or are able to complete the work with the remaining capacity.

  • Variety of ApplicationOptinos

VEVOR’s plumbing camera is fit for professional inspections, yet not too complicated for DIYers. Its main purpose is to inspect areas that are ordinarily hard to reach. Hence, they can be used by anyone who has knowledge of how to use them including plumbers, contractors, engineers, and municipal workers among others.

The pipe is also fit for inspecting different kinds of pipes, ducts, drainage pipes, stormwater systems, and many more.What’s more? The camera and its cables are made of durable material to endure any form of corrosion or harsh conditions within the pipes. Hence, when well cleaned and stored, they could take you many years before the need for replacement.

Camera for plumbing pipes

  • Budget-friendly

VEVOR has come up with ways to ensure that you, as a DIYer, don’t have to pay the whole price of the camera. The  VEVOR MONTHLYDY PROECIS   allows enthusiastic DIYersto  get the VEVOR Sewer Camera among other products at an incredibly low price. The DIYers will be required to show off their DIY products to become viable for a $100 coupon offer.

Looking at all the parameters of a good camera for plumbing pipes, you’ll realize that VEVOR is a good choice as it satisfactorily meets all of them. You also don’t want to miss the $100 coupon offer.

Different Types of Cameras for Plumbing Pipes

1) Hand-held portable cameras

This is the most popular type of inspection camera. The plumber holds the display unit during the inspection. Being portable, the camera is cordless which allows the plumber to walk from one sewer pipe to another. The display unit is lightweight to give the plumber an easy time as they carry it around.

2)Pushcam inspection

The inspection camera is pushed through the mouth of the pipe and sends the plumber a live video of the situation in there. It is, however, ideal for straight pipes since it’s hard to control its movement while inside the pipes.

3) Lateral launch cameras

hese cameras are used when there’s a need for a thorough inspection. The camera is pushed through the mainline as a secondary camera follows when it gets to the damaged area. The second camera produces high-quality images for ease of inspection.

FAQ About Camera for Plumbing Pipes

1. Is it worth getting an inspection camera?

Yes! A good inspection camera allows you to probe and determine where the exact problem is with your piping instead of making guesses. You’ll also be able to check the condition of the pipe after the repair to determine whether the problem is fully addressed.

2. How does an inspection camera work?

An inspection camera uses a similar principle as a flexible borescope. However, in this case, a camera is attached to the end of a flexible cable that captures a video of the interior of the pipe and sends it to a connected monitor. At the end of the tube is also a light bulb that illuminates the dark parts of the pipes.

3. How far can an inspection camera reach?

This depends on the length of the cable which can be anywhere from 3 feet to 300 feet. The choice of length is subjective to the length of pipes under inspection.

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