5 Common Problems with Electric Fireplaces and How to Fix It


Who doesn’t love a warm house, especially during the rainy season and winter time? With an electric fireplace,  you have the luxury of a cozy home that brings warmth to your late-night parties. Above all, your guests can never forget a comfortable dining experience.

However, no machine can run continuously for a long time, and there may come a time when your fireplace stops functioning. The best course of action in such a situation is to troubleshoot the electric fireplace problems and get it running in no time. Your electric fireplace can have several problems, such as ventilation, heating, blockage, etc., and all these problems need to be addressed for the smooth working of the appliance.

Read this article to understand the common problems with electric fireplaces and learn about the troubleshooting mechanism.

Electric Fireplace Common Problems & Troubleshooting Guide

This entire guide sheds light on various problems that an electric fireplace can phase and gives a solution for each problem so that you have a working electric fireplace in no time. Let’s begin.

Electric Fireplace Not Blowing Heat

electric fireplace not blowing heat

When you press the power button and see that your electric fireplace is not generating any heat, there might be some possible reasons associated with the problem, and they are mentioned below:

● Either the inlet responsible for air circulation is blocked, or the outlet is preventing the warm air from being distributed in the entire room. Whatever the issue is, you must make sure that both vents are clean to fix the electric heating element

● Another possible reason for the problem is the thermostat, whose main function is to maintain a constant temperature. So, in case your room is already warm enough, the electric fireplace will not generate any heat. Therefore, you must set the thermostat temperature higher than the present room temperature.

Electric Fireplace Won’t Turn On

There is a chance that when you switch on the power button, your electric fireplace does not turn on. The entire machine goes blank, and the possible reasons for this problem are as follows:

● Your plug is probably not properly inserted in the main switch, and the circuit is not complete, leading to an incomplete power supply. Therefore, firstly, you must check for the switch and make sure that the electric fireplace is plugged into a working electrical outlet.

● Quite likely the fuse box has broken down and there is a short circuit causing the power supply failure issues. To solve this, you must check the fuse box or circuit breaker to check for the tripped wire. You can proceed further by replacing any faulty wire to ensure the smooth working of the electric fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Light Not Working

If you encounter that your electric fireplace lights have stopped working, there is a solution to this problem as well. The explanation for this issue is given below:

● Even after having multiple flame and light options, your electric fireplace light stops working out of nowhere. The settings for buttons or controls for the lights might not be working properly. Therefore, the first step is to check the controls and reset them.

● If you see an electric fireplace light not working, you can get the manual out and look for possible defects to troubleshoot the electrical fireplace. In case you are not able to identify the source of the problem, it is possible that the defect is internal and the lighting component inside the electric fireplace has malfunctioned. To solve this, call for a professional electrical engineer and get it checked.

My Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off

After reading about so many problems that you can troubleshoot for an electric fireplace, here is another one that can irritate you. An electric fireplace can keep shutting off due to different reasons, which are as follows:

● Firstly, if there is a temperature drop in your room, possibly a difference of 10 degrees, the electric fireplace can shut down. To solve this, please check if you have any windows or doors open nearby.

● Secondly, the electric fireplace automatically goes to low-heat mode to save you some money and energy. To save yourself time, keep an eye out for any sudden changes in the temperature in your surroundings.

● If there is still no change, you can restart the device or reset it. Just unplug the device, wait for five to ten minutes and plug it back in. When it switches it on again, you will hear a long beep; if not, check if the connectors on the PCB board are loose or not. Troubleshoot the electric fireplace by resetting it.

Electric Fireplace Not Responding to the Remote

electric fireplace not responding to remote

Read about the solutions to troubleshoot the electric fireplace problems that may happen if you use a remote.

● In case you are using a remote to switch on your electric fireplace, check if the batteries are old. Change the batteries and then switch on the electric fireplace again.

● Check for any obstruction. Clear the line of sight and point the remote directly towards the electrical fireplace unit.

● If there is any change in the connectivity, establish the connection again between the remote and troubleshoot the fireplace unit to work efficiently. For any confusion, you can read the manual.

Looking for a New Electric Fireplace? Opt for a Hassle-Free Choice!

looking for an electric fireplace?

If you see that after fireplace troubleshooting, your electric fireplace is still not working fine, it’s probably time to buy a new electric fireplace. A VEVOR wall-mounted electric fireplace has excellent features that can turn your house into a heartwarming place. It has multiple flame colours, flame speed, and brightness adjustment options.

You can choose the constant temperature settings feature and recover the original settings even after you switch off the device. The best part about the VEVOR electric fireplace is that it can be recessed and wall-mounted as well. And it takes only about an hour to install a wall-mounted electric fireplace.

Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Electric Fireplace Running Smoothly

keep your electric fireplace running smoothly

To keep your electric fireplace running for a long time without any disturbance, regular maintenance and cleaning schedules are a must. Switch off the electric fireplace and unplug it before cleaning it to avoid any personal injury.


Here are the guidelines you must follow to clean the electric fireplace:

● Do not immerse the appliance directly in the water; instead, use a soft cloth to clean the metal with an oil-based cleaning product. Avoid using brass polish or basic household cleaners.

● To clean the glass, use a paper towel. Refrain from using liquid sprays or rough cleaners.

● For the plastic part of the electric fireplace, use a damp cloth with dish soap.

● Clear the dust from the vents with a vacuum cleaner.


Read about the maintenance guidelines written below:

● The fan motors of the fireplace are initially lubricated and do not require any further lubrication.

● If there is any part that requires replacement, you must contact customer service for better suggestions.

● Always store the appliance in a clean, dry place away from the damp areas to avoid any malfunctioning when not in use.

● If you use any other replacement parts other than the original ones, your warranty duration can be decreased.

● For battery replacement, choose two AAA 1.5V batteries for the remote.

● Avoid replacing the LED, and make sure it is 15 to 50 watts.

FAQs about VEVOR Ice Cream Machine Troubleshooting

1. When is it time to replace your electric fireplace?

The ideal time to replace a properly functioning electric fireplace is about 10-20 years. However, if you are facing some technical problems, such as a broken or damaged part, you can replace it immediately.

2. What is the lifespan of an electric fireplace?

The determined life span of an electric fireplace is about twenty years. But you might need to replace the light bulbs every two to three years or as per the requirement. Overall, the longevity of the device totally depends on the maintenance regimen.

3. Do electric fireplaces have high energy usage?

It depends on the amount of time you run your electric fireplace. If you are using it for twenty-four hours every day, you are likely to see a rise in your electricity bill.

4. How do I reset my electric fireplace?

Just unplug the device, wait for five minutes, and plug it back in. When it switches it on again, you will hear a long beep; if not, check if the connectors on the PCB board are loose or not.

Bottom Line

Overall, this fireplace troubleshooting guide to solve 5 common problems with electric fireplace can help you fix electric fireboxes quickly. The VEVOR electric fireplace troubleshooting can be done by following certain steps followed by regular maintenance for the longevity of the fireplace. However, to solve the primary concern about getting rid of the common problems of an electric fireplace, you can also have a look at the manual or contact a professional electric fireplace technician if your electric fireplace won’t turn on.

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