Cooling Patio Ideas: 12 Ways to Keep Your Patio Cool in Summer


Now that the chills have passed, taking the heaters away with them, it is time to gear up to face the sun. Summers are the time to relax with your buds, but keeping your outdoor spaces cool requires some effort.

Nothing adds to the enjoyment of summer activities at your house as much as a cool patio. Star gazing with your loved one seems heavenly, and board games with your children relax you in literal terms. No matter how pleasant the weather is, cooling the outdoor patio is like adding fresh breath to your unwinding sessions.

Whether the mercury reading shows 80 degrees or 90, some outdoor cooling options can make it easy to chill outdoors. If you are a homeowner desiring to maximize the value of your house or a renter trying to make the weather bearable, we are here to help. In this article, we have rounded up a list of tips on how to cool a patio for a better summer experience.

How to Keep Patio Cool in Summer?

keep your patio cool in summer

There is no need to drop your outdoor entertainment just because the temperature is too warm to stay outside for a long time. Here is a list of both fancy and budget-friendly outdoor cooling solutions for you to choose from:

1. Installing Retractable Screens and Awnings for a Cooling Patio

If you are looking for a quick and budget-friendly patio cooling hack, look no further than a retractable screen or awning. These shades can block up to 80 percent of the solar energy reaching your house. Not only do they filter UV rays, these shades offer beauty to a patio or deck.

In this category, you will find yourself with both portable and retractable options. The portable ones are more like umbrellas, removable and movable. On the other hand, retractable awnings are fixed but motor-operated for opening and closing.

Although a retractable screen or awning might not be as efficient as a pergola or gazebo, it ensures outdoor cooling to a great extent.

2. Building Pergolas and Gazebo for Natural Shade

building pergolas and gazebos

Adding a pergola or a gazebo is a slightly fancy way of cooling an outdoor patio. Not only do they offer shade, but they also enhance the value of your house.

Typically, the main difference between the two structures lies in their roof canopy. While a gazebo provides a hundred percent coverage from the sun’s rays, pergolas let some light in through their slatted roofs.

If you have enough time, consider building one of these structures for patio cooling and elevation. Remember, they need plenty of room; adding them to a small area will leave you with a cluttered space.

3. Incorporating Water Features

incorporating water features

When it comes to beating the heat, water serves as the best outdoor cooling method for your patio. You can install several water features in your outdoor seating space to combat the rising mercury levels.

Water Fountains: Most people install a water fountain in their backyards for aesthetic purposes, but that is not a rule. These outdoor structures can serve as a key component for a cool deck. Besides, the sound of dripping water can be therapeutic to your ears while you unwind after a long day.

Misters and Sprayers: Misters and sprayers are another viable option if you do not mind drenching in water a little. A string of water beads from these tools leaves e a cooling effect on your body while sweat dries off. Moreover, the water from ultrasonic fogger droplets hurled into the air can reduce the temperature by several degrees, cooling the patio.

4. Considering Shade Solutions to Enhance Your Cooling Outdoor Patio

shade your outdoor space

If you are looking for some unique outdoor cooling solutions other than gazebos and awnings, you can consider buying:

Umbrellas: Erecting umbrellas is one of the most aesthetic ways of cooling a patio. These structures look stylish in a small garden and provide ample shade. The market has them in different ranges from small to big and even misting umbrellas.

Overhang: If you want to add some shade to your patio in a sleek way, an overhang can be your go-to option. You can arrange your lounging furniture under and decorate it with vines and string lights.

Outdoor Day Bed: An outdoor bed with shade can be a luxurious way to enjoy summer with your partner. These fancy outdoor furniture pieces also come in various sizes; go for them if you have space and the right budget.

5. Using Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers were originally indoor cooling solutions before the concept of centralized air conditioning. No one can deny the fact they make excellent patio cooling equipment in the scorching weather.

An evaporative cooler works on a simple rule of sucking the warm air in, cooling it, and redistributing it outside. These coolers can significantly impact your lounging activities by lowering the temperature by several degrees.

Those hearty outdoor feasts with your family will become more enjoyable while fresh air from a cooler touches your skin.

6. Planting for Shade and Comfort

Other than water, plants and greenery are another way you can employ natural resources for cooling a patio.

Plants mask your space, blocking the sun’s rays from directly reaching the patio. On top of that, the evapotranspiration can help cool the atmosphere to a great extent.

If you already have a pergola or a gazebo in your outdoor space, covering them with plants and vines will leave a cooling effect. Moreover, you also have the option to grow bigger plants, but that will take time.

7. Painting Ideas for Patio Cooling

Speaking of patio cooling, you cannot skip the impact your patio’s decorations and paints can make. Dark hues absorb heat, leaving your sitting area feeling hotter.

So, while preparing your lounging area for summer, choose light colors or paints that reflect solar energy instead of absorbing it. For instance, paints like light green and powder blue create a cooling effect. Likewise, light gray and pale yellow reflect 80 to 90 percent of the light, making the space look bright and cool.

8. Adding Rugs to the Setting

add rugs to your setting

Walking around the house bare feet can be a bad choice when the floor is sizzling under the sun. To make the situation better, you can lay a rug in your outdoor space.

This patio cooling hack will also act as a little makeover for your home’s overall look. All you have to do is make sure it is an all-weather rug so that it does not give up after a few rains or storms. Besides, it should be durable enough to survive the wear and tear of an outdoor sitting area.

9. Installing Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Installing an outdoor ceiling fan is another way to ensure the temperature in your patio remains moderate during summer.

Ceiling fans might not reduce the temperature, but they maintain a smooth air circulation. Consequently, the air is less likely to feel humid while you relax outdoors.

For a more refreshing experience, you can even try an inexpensive DIY cooling hack with the help of a ceiling fan. All you have to do is pair it with a mister and let the air from the fan enhance the range of water droplets, cooling the patio.

10. Add a Pool or Tub

If you have enough space, try creating a small pond or spa tub to unwind on a Saturday evening. Adding a pool or a tub might not be inexpensive, but it is a foolproof outdoor cooling solution. For a more refreshing experience, you can add a pergola over it and some vines.

Planning this patio project can be a fun experience, so take your time. You may ask your friends for suggestions or go to the internet for inspiration.

11. Modify Your Patio Furniture

Like patio paint, patio furniture also has a huge rule in making your seating area hotter or cooler. In addition to some colors absorbing heat, there are some furniture fabrics that can do the same for you. So, before shopping, it is essential to check what furniture works in hot weather.

If you are looking for options in wood, teak is the best choice. In metals, cast aluminum is highly heat resistant, becoming excellent patio furniture for summer.

12. Avoid Cooking Near Your Sitting Area

It is a no-brainer that extensive cooking activities and the release of smoke increase the temperature of its surroundings by several degrees. So, you might feel the atmosphere even hotter than the temperature on your weather app. If you want a cooler outdoor sitting area, you might want to put your outdoor kitchen to rest.

Wrapping Up

Hanging outdoors in summer will be more refreshing when you breathe life into your patio with these simple patio cooling hacks.

The best part is that you do not always have to take a complicated way to cool your seating space. You can make your patio refreshing even with plants, misting fans, and rugs.

You can rummage through our website for equipment that can help you with fine summer lounging. Whether you want a gazebo or only an evaporative cooler, VEVOR has everything with great price tags. It is time for a patio spruce up before the mercury level touches 90 degrees. Let’s face the sun all geared up!

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