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Are you looking for a solution to weeds growing in your garden? Read on about the best weed barrier that will make your landscape weed-free. Weeds are the invaders that will become part of your landscape in any case. They compete with shrubs, flowers, and trees for important nutrients. Now the question arises how to remove the weed from the landscape? One of the ways is that you can pull out the weed by using your hand. However, it requires alot of time, mainly when it is a large space. It is impossible to take time out for this task.

Weeds need sunlight to grow. So, the physical barrier between soil and sun will prevent the weed. Installing weed barrier fabric will work by blocking the sunlight, preventing the weeds from growing.

What is a Landscape Barrier?

A landscape barrier, also known as a weed barrier fabric, acts as an obstacle. You can spread the weed barrier fabric around the shrubs, garden, and trees. It will block weed growth, minimize herbicide use, and control soil erosion.

There are different types of weed barrier fabric that you have to choose carefully. You must consider some factors before deciding to buy a weed barrier fabric. As you specifically require weed control, durability is an important factor that you need to keep in consideration.

A weed control barrier is not a low-cost product, so you must ensure that the product is cost-effective. Its durability depends on three main things: the quality of the material, the treatment used to make it UV ray resistant, and the bonding technique used to make the landscape fabric. Propylene fibers and polyester are commonly used to make weed barrier fabric. They are strong and tough to handle the heavy foot movements on them. Also, they can withstand everyday wear and tear.

weed barrier fabric

Some landscape barriers are thick, and some are thin. It is because they feature thin-bonded plastic. When you compare them both to each other thin landscape fabrics have low strength. Thick landscape barrier fabrics don’t let the nutrients and water penetrate as they are not porous. So, you cannot use them near the crops.

Weed barrier fabric will remain in intense sunlight throughout, so there is a chance that the material will get damaged. Therefore, you must ensure that the landscape barrier you purchase is well-treated with UV-blocking chemicals.

Three Best Weed Barrier Fabrics for Garden

Keeping all the factors in view, I have shortlisted the three best weed barrier fabrics for a garden.

1- VEVOR 6.5FTx300FT Premium Woven Weed Barrier Fabric Heavy Duty

One of the most important factors that one has to consider for weed barrier fabric is durability. Vevor woven weed barrier fabric is a heavy-duty barrier that features woven polypropylene fabric (PPF). It behaves as an obstacle between soil and the sun, preventing weed growth. PPF offers high strength, and it makes the product corrosion-resistant. It is highly durable as well as lightweight.

Another essential feature is that the weed barrier you select must have good permeability. VEVOR weed barrier provides high permeability, allowing water and air to pass through it. So, it will allow the water to reach the plant’s roots, allowing them to grow efficiently.  It doesn’t allow the water to puddle on top of it and conserves soil humidity. Talking about its size, it covers nearly 1950 square ft and has a density of 3 oz. It is best to cover vast areas, and huge landscapes/ The product is tear-proof, enhancing its life. You can cut it according to your requirement. It conveniently covers your garden, which enhances its productivity.

weed barrier fabric

The fabric has a distinctive feature of not letting weeds or grass pass through it. The sturdy structure promotes the inhibition of weed growth. However, the fabric allows the soil to breathe. The Vevor weed barrier features a black color that enhances shading performances and improves the soil temperature. Soil temperature is directly linked with the growth of plants and crops. All the plant processes depend on the soil’s temperature, such as water intake, initiation, branch growing, and root growth. This maintenance of optimum temperature will allow your plants to multiply effectively, inhibit weed growth, and speed up the decomposition of organic matter.  

Vevor weed barrier fabric is very convenient to use. The fabric has a lucid green line that will assist you in cutting. As it comes in a roll, so unroll it. Measure the size of the area that you need to cover. Cut it accordingly and fix it in that area properly. You will need staples to properly secure the fabric in the area so that weed growth ceases. The green lines on the weed barrier will help keep the plants aligned. This feature will enhance the aesthetic appearance of your landscape.

weed barrier fabric

Vevor barrier fabric is the best choice for your garden as it has diverse applications. It disallows the disturbing weed to grow in your landscape. Furthermore, you can use it for industrial uses, such as an underlayer for the greenhouse. It is ideal for agriculture, sidewalks, gravel, stones, driveway, etc.

It is a highly cost-effective product and has value for money. With an easy installation feature, the Vevor barrier fabric will ensure no weed growth in your landscape and exhibit high efficiency.

Product Specifications:

Material: Woven Propylene fabric

Dimensions: 300 x 6.5 ft

Weight: 3.0oz/sq.yd

weed barrier fabric


  • High Durability
  • Great permeability
  • Conserve Soil’s humidity
  • Efficient weed control
  • Easy to install


  • Fraying may occur when you cut the fabric

2-  GardenMate 6 x 33 Sheet Woven Weed Control Fabric

Gradenmate is an ideal choice for small gardens. You don’t want to pull out the weed every weekend from your garden every day. So the solution to the problem is to fit the GardenMate and stop the growth of the weed.

The landscape fabric measure 6 by 33 ft. if you have to cover a vast space, then this weed barrier fabric is not the right choice. The best feature of this weed control fabric is that it withstands UV rays. It is well treated with UV stabilizers that prevent damage that can occur from sun damage.

The thickness of the GardenMate is 3 ounces per sq yard, making it ideal for gravel paths, rockeries, and garden paths.

Product Specifications:

Material: Woven fabric

Dimensions:6 ft by 33 ft

Thickness: 3 oz/sq.yd


  • Ideal for small landscapes and gardens
  • Easy to customize the size  
  • Can stand against UV rays


  • Not ideal for large landscapes.

3- ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric

ArmorLay landscape fabric is specifically designed for driveways, patios, and growth. It efficiently serves the purpose of resisting the growth of weeds. Furthermore, it enhances soil quality and provides stability. It features nonwoven fabric and has dimensions of 12.5 ft by 60 ft.

Installing this weed barrier fabric under a gravel path minimizes the damage caused by snow and heavy rainfall. It will prevent the soil from washing, and potholes will not form. However, you need to remember that it has low water permeability, making it unsuitable for garden beds.

Product Specifications:

Material: Non-woven fabric

Dimensions: 12.5 x 60 ft

Weight: 6 oz/sq.yd


  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Resist the weed growth
  • Highly durable


  • Low permeability

What Type of Fabrics Works Best in a Garden or Flower Bed?

The weed barrier’s properties depend on the fabric used in its making. There are several landscape fabrics: woven, non-woven, spun, and perforated. Woven fabrics have tiny holes, allowing the air and water to pass through them. They are best for flower buds, trees, and shrubs, where you don’t have to change the plants often.

Non-woven fabrics don’t have woven fibers, so they have low water permeability. It is ideal for rock gardens and rock pathways.

Spun fabrics have non-woven fibers bonded with heat. It is porous to let the water and air pass but doesn’t have good permeability. Perforated fabrics are ideal for vegetable gardens and flower beds. It has tiny holes that let the water and air pass through.

What are the Advantages of Using Landscape Fabric in the Garden?

The first and foremost benefit of using landscape fabric in the garden is that it prevents the growth of unwanted weeds in your landscape. Moreover, it allows the soil temperature to get stabilized. Landscape fabric prevents water loss from the soil’s surface, thus reducing evaporation.

Resultantly, soil retains its moisture, improving its quality. An alternate method to stop weed growth in the landscape is the usage of herbicides. So, landscape fabric inhibits the use of chemical herbicides.

Although it doesn’t add nutrients to the soil, it prevents the soil surface from washing. All you have to do is properly and regularly maintain the landscape fabric. You need to ensure no clogging in the landscape, as this will prevent the oxygen and soil from reaching the soil.

Final Words:

The high permeability and large size of VEVOR Premium Woven Weed Barrier Fabric make it the best choice to use for preventing weed growth in the landscape. I am sure you will enjoy your experience with this weed barrier fabric!

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