List of 8 Outdoor Ice and Snow Melting Mats for Walkway


Winter can be a magical time of year, but for those living in snowy areas, it can also lead to many problems. That’s why ice melt mats have become increasingly popular among homeowners who want to keep their driveways and walkways safe and snow-free. With the colder months fast approaching, now is the perfect time to invest in snow melting mats.

Having a good collection of heated outdoor mats can easily prevent bundles of snow from gathering in front of your home. The snow melt mats work by melting the snow that collects on them, so you don’t have to manually clean snow each morning. They’re a great alternative to shoveling, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the top-notch snowmelt mats currently available in the market. Unsure about how to select the perfect snowmelt mat or what factors to consider when buying one? Not to worry, our comprehensive buying guide is here to provide you with all the necessary information and help you choose the ideal snowmelt mat to suit your needs.

List of 8 best snow-heated walkway mats

1. Vevor snow melting mat

If you’re looking for an effective way to clean your walkways or sidewalks, the Vevor snow melting mat is an excellent option to consider. With a snow melting speed of 3 inches per hour or 1 inch per hour and a surface working temperature of 122 degrees, this mat can easily heat up and clear snow on various surfaces, including stone, wood decks, asphalt, and concrete. Plus, the non-skid and textured surface provides traction to prevent slipping and falling, and the reflective strips on the mat enhance visibility at night for secure use.

What’s more, the mat comes with rust-proof grommets for secure installation and to prevent curling or deformation. Assembling the mat is also a breeze, thanks to the 10-feet power cord and leak-proof plug with indicators. Additionally, the snow-melting mat comes equipped with a thermostat and timer function, making it a safe and reliable option even during the night.

VEVOR snow melting mat

2. HeatTrak heated snow melting walkway mat

The HeatTrak walkway mat measures close to 20X60 inches in size so, you can cover the pathway with 2 or 3 melting mats. The best thing about these snow melting mats is that it is easy to use them separately or connect them in series for making the control simpler for a big coverage area. The HeatTrak mat not only offers good snow melting capability, but it also gives your premium construction as its exterior is made from custom thermoplastic material.

After it is installed the Heart Trak snow melting mat can easily get rid of about 2 inches of snow each hour and yet offer a nice surface to walk on. The mat is made from customized thermoplastic and it comes with a 2-year warranty. It is simple to install the mat and it is easy to use.

HeatTrak heated snow melting walkaway mat

3. Cozy Products Ice-Away heated snow melting mat

This melting mat alternative from COZY will be great for small applications such as staircases or front doors. This snow-melting unit measures close to 35X33 inches in size and it can easily stop the snow from piling up out of your doors. Unlike the other alternatives that are created from plastic, the COZY melting mat is created from a durable reinforced rubber for making sure that you get long-lasting durability with a grippy surface.

This is a terrific alternative if you require several mats for covering up a bigger area. It comes compact and so it is easy to place them over a selected area. The snow melting mat is entirely waterproof and as a result, you get the same performance and reliability from the mat even after it has melted layers of snow each day.

4. Summerstep Home residential snow melting mat

In case you are looking to cover a big working area with several snow melting mats the best bet is to opt for an affordable alternative that may be powered with a single outlet. Summerstep is an affordable alternative that makes the list of high-quality snow-melting mats. Summerstep Home is a perfect alternative for domestic applications as it measures 36X11 inches. This also makes it a perfectly sized mat for several installation positions.

The mat is also capable of melting around 2 inches of snow each hour allowing you to use the mat in case of heavy snowfall. Although this snow-melting mat gives you terrific snow-melting capabilities, it is a relatively cheap alternative in terms of running costs. The Summerstep machine comes with a 12-month warranty and it is one of the most affordable alternatives on this list.

5. RHS snow melting system

The snow melting mat alternatives we have seen thus far are all compact alternatives. In case you are looking for a longer mat that will cover a big area with consistency, you can think about this RHS alternative. The snow melting system as the name indicates is a lot more than just a fundamental mat for melting the snow. Rather, it is a long and continuous surface that goes as long as 156 inches in length. So, you can cover a huge working area for making sure that you get a snow-free pathway up to the door.

This RHS product is close to 60 inches in width and offers a lot of snow-free area with it. The RHS can melt close to 2 inches of snow each hour. There is no need to worry about snow getting collected on the mat even in case of storms.

RHS snow melting system

6. SEAL snow melting mat

If you are on the lookout for a premium alternative, a great one is SEAL. Most other mats provide the option of rubber or thermoplastic surfaces while the SEAL snow melting mat is created from a high-quality surface material that has an elevated non-slip texture for making it compatible with domestic and commercial applications.

This is also a waterproof alternative with an IPX6 water resistance rating for reliability in bad weather. As this mat comes with a good build quality so you may keep it outside in the winter.

7. EconoHome snow melting mat

Many users opt for fundamental snow melting mats, but many people do not take to the idea of having visible black mats lying outside their front doors. It messes up the decor of their place.

If you are looking for an invisible solution to the problem of snow collection you should go for EconoHome. It is a unique solution and even though technically speaking this product is a mat there is in reality no mat here. This is fundamentally a heating net that can be installed below a surface for melting the snow indirectly.

8. Dr. Infrared heater snow melting mat

Although this is not a very popular alternative in the market, it is still a good product. The DR-101 is a unique alternative as it measures 23X40 inches in size. The coverage area may be expanded, by connecting with several heating mats and powering them through a single power unit. The power requirements for the melting mat are quite basic and the mat may be powered with a 120V outlet.

How to Choose the Best Snow Melting Mats for Outdoor Walkways

Here are some factors to consider before selecting the right alternative for your requirements.

1. Brand: The overall reliability and quality of your ice melt mat always depend on the brand you choose. You need to opt for a brand that has been in business for some time.

2. Size: For devices such as snow-heated walkway outdoor mats, size is one of the significant factors as you will be covering a certain area with it.

3. Warranty: Similar to any intricate electronic device, the snow melting mats also must come with reliability and must be valuable for investment.

4. Snow melting capability: When you are considering the performance of snow melting mats you need to consider their capability to melt the snow. It will be different for different mats.

FAQs about snow-heated walkway outdoor mats

1. How many mats can be powered by using a single power outlet?

Ans. The number of mats you may power by using a single unit depends largely on the power needs of every mat, and the ratings of circuit breakers. In case the overall amperage rating of the mat exceeds the circuit breaker, it will not be able to power the units in equal proportions. This will affect the performance of the mats adversely. This can also happen due to the extension cords you are using for these mats.

2. What should be the temperature of this snow-melting mat?

Ans. These snow-melting mats are specifically designed, for maintaining a consistent temperature of close to 40 degrees more than the surrounding temperature. This allows the mats to melt the snow as it is landing out on the mat. This allowed the surface to remain free from snow all the time. These snow-melting mats also come with a built-in safety feature for preventing overheating of the mats. However, if you find out excessive surface temperature over the snow melting mat, ensure that you get the problem fixed instantaneously.

3. Should we keep this snow melting mat ON all the time?

Ans. Keeping the snow melting mat ON at all times will not have a drastic effect on the reliability or performance of the entire unit. But it might raise the light bill quite a bit.

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