Best Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Openers In 2023


VEVOR cast iron bottle opener

After a tiring day, it gets irritating when you can’t find a bottle opener for your cold beverage. Bottle openers are left-out accessories, but their effect is felt when most needed. People mostly come up with cheeky ways to pop that bottle open, but the safest way is using a bottle opener.

Since bottle openers might not be used as regularly as other equipment, they might be a rare sighting in your local shops/outlets. However, you’ll get that the vendor has one for their customers when they purchase a cold drink and want to consume it immediately.

What about you? Do you have a bottle opener to help with your drinks at home? How will you handle the situation when friends come over and don’t have an opener for their beverages?

To alleviate the inconvenience of lacking a bottle opener when you most need it, you can purchase numerous wall-mounted bottle openers and stick them where they’re most convenient.

Best cast-iron wall-mounted bottle openers in 2023

VEVOR Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener(100pcs) for Home, Man caves, and Bars

The first recommendation on our list is a set of 100 bottle openers. They are produced by VEVOR, a reliable one-stop outlet for all your tools and equipment needs. Created from cast iron, these bottle openers have more life than you can take away in years!

Moreover, they come with a striking vintage look that will give you the feeling of getting refreshments from a dive bar or an old pub. However, they are truly rugged and will outlive your regular flip-flop, carabiner or keychain bottle opener.

VEVOR vintage-design iron bottle opener

Away with style, these VEVOR vintage bottle openers are quite easy to operate. They make beverage opening almost effortless, even single-handedly. When wall-mounted correctly at a convenient angle, you can open your bottles without causing any spillage.

The mounting method makes the bottle opener versatile in terms of application. You can use it to open soda or beer caps. Moreover, the VEVOR cast iron bottle opener can also be used as a drawer puller. You can mount the bottle opener to bar walls or even your kitchen. It’s time to add a unique touch to your home bar or man cave.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cast Iron design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t cause spillage.
  • Vintage style.
  • Cost-effective.

Arola Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Cap Collector

The Arola wall-mounted bottle opener serves you with convenience every time you have guests at your home, and they need to take refreshments. Don’t open soda or beer bottles with your teeth or any other weird techniques when you can do it singlehandedly with the Arola wall-mounted bottle opener.

The bottle opener has an attached cap collector, and both are mounted to the wall as a unit. That saves you the time and inconvenience of cleaning your kitchen after opening beverages for numerous friends. The cap collector is located strategically at the bottom and won’t miss any cap. You can discard them later or after the collector is full.

The whole unit is made of iron and wood but has a light profile and will be smooth in installation. Everything is scratch and corrosion-resistant, so expect that your Arola wall-mounted bottle opener will stay in service for long.

The Arola cast iron wall-mounted bottle opener has a versatile outlook and can be used on either indoor or outdoor setups. You can also install it conveniently in your home bar or man cave. It will surely serve its purpose when the right time comes.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to install.
  • The bottle opener is made from durable Wood and Iron material.
  • Greatly convenient
  • Versatile kitchen tool

SODUKU Vintage Cast Iron Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

If you’d love to add a little touch of unique style to your bottle opener, try the SODUKU vintage wall-mounted bottle opener. It comes with a retro design that matches numerous venues. The ball opener can be a perfect addition to your kitchen, patios, bar, man cave or dining room.

The SODUKU wall-mounted bottle opener is easy to install, and both ends of the mounting structure are uniquely stable. You’ll be provided with two expansion screws to help with retaining the bottle opener in position. The best position to install the opener is on the wall, within reach of everyone.

Opening your bottle cap is easy if you’ve installed the opener at the right angle. After opening your bottle, the cap falls into a basket where it is collected. Once the basket is full, you can empty it at your convenience.

The SODUKU cast iron bottle opener has an intuitive design. It resembles a beer bottle and will be perfect for your kitchen bar or man cave. Again, its unique design makes it the perfect gift for a friend who fancies a beer in their free time.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great Retro design
  • Compatibility with different installation spots
  • Easy to install and use
  • The bottle opener has a cap collector

MAGCAP Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

If you need a clutter-free beverage-drinking experience with family and friends, go for the MAGCAP cast iron wall-mounted bottle opener. It comes with a magnetic body that captures the cap after opening. By that, the cap can be disposed of safely and conveniently.

The MAGCAP cast iron bottle opener is versatile and compatible with the indoor and outdoor installation. If you have an outdoor party, you can install the opener anywhere with a strong mounting surface and let the party begin. If you need it indoors, you need to find a strong mounting space, and you’re good to go.

MAGCAP designed their cast iron bottle opener to be one of a kind! They have stated that you won’t ever need another bottle opener and back the statement with a lifetime warranty.

Unlike other bottle openers that will result in spillage, the MAGCAP cast iron opener will not trigger any spillage as long as it’s mounted at the correct angle. Everything you’ll need for the mounting procedure comes with the bottle opener, and you’ll get going in minutes!

Reasons to Buy

  • Magnetic design
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Durable quality – The opener is backed by a lifetime warranty.

ORBLUE Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

The ORBLUE wall-mounted bottle opener comes in one color; Army Gray. That will give you a vintage bar feeling as you pop those beer bottles with your friends all weekend.

However, color is not the main catch here. The ORBLUE wall-mounted bottle opener has a durable steel construction, and a solid installation will complete the whole experience. Installing the bottle opener is not much of a task. You’re provided with screws to maintain the opener in position. You’re only left with identifying a strong mounting surface that will stay strong with time.

The ORBLUE bottle opener is crafted for daily use, thanks to its cast iron construction. If installed at the correct angle, you won’t have any instances of spilling your drink after opening the lid. If installed correctly, you’ll be using the opener for a lifetime.

Reason to Buy

  • Durable Cast Iron design
  • Adds a little touch of style to your wall
  • Easy to install and use

After going through these cast iron wall-mounted bottle openers, it’s clear that VEVOR’s product is outstanding from the rest in quality and design. Remember that it comes in a pack of 100 pieces, so you’ll have more titan enough to donate to your neighbors.

Different types of Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

Cast Iron wall mounted bottle openers don’t have fixed types, but most are constructed based on a certain theme. You’ll get different designs like the bicycle, bulldog, Pipe wrench tool, scooter bike, etc.

You can also pick a vintage-themed bottle opener or whichever one satisfies your personal preferences.

Cast iron wall-mounted bottle openers can also be categorized by how they handle the bottle caps after opening. Here, you’ll get three distinct types; those with a magnetic collection, those with a cap collector or those that let the cap fall to the ground.

What Should You look for when Buying a Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener?

Here are a few factors to consider when buying a cast iron wall-mounted bottle opener.

Construction material – Cast Iron is the best.

Cap collection Technique – Does the bottle opener let the cap fall to the ground? You can choose a magnetic wall-mounted bottle opener or one that has a cap collector.

Installation – The best bottle openers are usually easy to install and use

Easy to install, VEVOR Cast Iron bottle opener

Accessories – Go for the bottle opener with mounting accessories provided. That will allow you to install the tool correctly and avoid problems in the future.


Are Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Openers worth it?

Yes! They are used rarely but are part of the essentials every household can’t afford to miss.

Will a wall-mounted bottle opener damage my wall?

Not really. The effort used to open a soda bottle might not be enough to cause harm to your wall. However, in the long run, there might be some effect on your wall. Therefore, consider relocating the opener after some years.

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